Money Wheel Odds, Rules, & Strategies

What comes to your mind when you hear the word money? It can be a good house, a place to stay, nice business, a trip to your dream destination or an expensive car. All these fill the mind of many, but that is not what Money Wheel is all about. If you are looking for a game that is in between blackjack and real money roulette it is Money Wheel. This style is a brand new table game produced by Play N Go.

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2 Bovada Casino $2000 Review
3 Juicy Stakes $1000 Review
The game’s inventors had a specific market in mind. Do you not aim a product at a particular audience? Hardly!

The Asian market was where this product was supposed to land at fast. It sure did. Many people, however, can now access the game thanks to several online stores.

Because it is an online game, Play N Go has worked around with the mechanics. The resultant effect is that you can now have a smart thing to place your money.

The Basics

This wheel of fortune has taken a vertical shape. Among the notable features that you can’t miss are a peg and a 4-point stopper. These two are placed at the top of the wheel.
It is pretty much simple to see this vertical format. What is more, it is simple than other table games in another sense. In this game, a player has only 7 symbols to choose.

According to gaming experts, a choice of only seven symbols immensely lowers volatility. Before we delve into many details, here is a list of the symbols together with their payouts:
• Star: 45 to 1.
• Joker: 45 to 1.
• 20: 20 to 1.
• 10: 10 to 1.
• 5: 5 to 1.
• 3: 3 to 1.
• 1: 1 to 1.
From the list above, one thing stands out. As you might have seen, five numbers on the board directly correspond to the odds.

It is then clear that your aim as a player is to know the value of the Joker and the Star. In this online casino games, the Joker is represented by the dragon symbol. Note that the two have hot prizes.

Gameplay And Betting on the Money Wheel

Betting on the Money Wheel is basically like placing bets on real money blackjack. You need chips on the virtual felt table but aiming at the markers. It is after you have set that you are required to spin the wheel.

Whatever comes out of the spinning wheel is the result. That would be either a perfect result or a fail.
Money Wheel Odds, Rules, & Strategies
What is interesting in this game is that the chips know about money. If your payment currency is US Dollar, UK Sterling or even a Euro, it will show!

Do not worry about your social status or financial ability. This game can be played by both low and high rollers.

The Money Wheel is truly one of the table games every bettor needs. Remember that it has an RTP of 92%, which means there are substantive chances of you winning even bigger prizes.Top

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