Punto Banco Baccarat

For many years, Baccarat has been known to be one of the simplest table games in the casino industry. Yes, it is also one of the games with fairest betting odds. You will, however, find out that Punto Banco is specifically the simplest and with fairest odds of them all.

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But did you know that casual players avoid this variation? In the process, it is left to high rollers , who have now made the game look as if it is sexy, complicated and intricate.

To add more harm to this table game, to some players, there is a new variant called Punto Banco. To them, it is a somewhat intimidating name. Is that how you feel?

Well, it depends on what you look for in a game. Is it the name? Do you look at the online casino game odds, layout, payouts or what is it that you look at?

A Fitting Name For A Modern Game

While some people say that they have never even heard of that name, there are those who embrace the name. In fact, they love it to the point that it is now a brand.

In fact, you do not need to understand all the foreign terminologies for you to enjoy a game. As long as there are no unusual rules, go ahead and learn about the game and enjoy it.
What is more is that if you have played No Commission Baccarat before, you have everything needed to start the game. Yes, nothing more eccentric is needed.

Player Or Banker

Play this game from a shoe that contains standard decks of cards. They are no different from those you could use in either poker or traditional blackjack.

The essential thing about the game is for the player to make predictions. You are to predict which of the two hands is likely to win on each round. So why use Punto and Banco?

To many people’s surprise, the name Punto (punter) means the player. On the other hand, Banco means the banker thus Punto Banco. Now you see! It is needless to worry about the name, just play the game.

You can bet on either side. There is no harm. Besides, there is no better side than the other. Either side has equal opportunities.

After you have carefully chosen your bets, it is time for the dealer to offer both of you the cards. You will receive two cards, and the dealer will be given the same number of cards.
Punto Banco Baccarat
Note that each of the cards you and the dealer receive adds a certain number of points to the hand. For instance, an Ace will add one point to the hand.

Other printed cards add to what you have. You will add the point value that is on them.

As for all tens and as well as face cards, they will add nothing to your hand. What is the reason for this? Tens and face cards in Punto Banco have zero point value!Top

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Punto Banco
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