Multiplier Symbols in Slots | Learn How They Work

Multipliers In Slot Games

Multipliers In Slot Games are features that are very common in slot games whose function is to help boost the amount of winning combinations with the same exact figure they are suggesting. While they are common, it is sad that they are not found in every slot machine.

Majorly, you use a multiplier in slot games to double, triple or even multiply whatever the value of the bet by 100x. In fact, in some games, you can win 1,000X! In most games, you should refer to the pay table. Ultimately, this has all the information on the slot. Furthermore, it explains in a rather straightforward manner how slot game multiplier features work.

How To Multiply Your Winnings

However, it is not always the case because there are rare occasions where the paytable may give very detail and elaborate information on how the multiplier in slot games work. Additionally, a multiplier may appear at different times of the play in various games. For instance, in one game, slot game multiplier features may be included during regular spinning while in other games multipliers in slot games may seem during free spins or even during bonus rounds.

What is more, some slot game multiplier features will only multiply the player’s wins. However, in other cases, they count towards your line bets as well as your total bets. Every online slot machine offers its details regarding how its multiplier feature works. It is, therefore, it is important to understand the type of multiplier you are dealing with in the current slot machine by first reading through all the details that are contained on the pay table before you start spinning.

During Base Play

Although slot machines are very different from each other, thus behave differently, it is the standard rule that a multiplier can appear both in base play and in other forms of play such as free spins.
Slot Game Multiplier Features

Indeed, it is hard to say whether your pokies will support the appearance of a multiplier during base play. However, if you leave it alone and allow free spins, you may trigger it. Having said that, you can usually multiply your wins after you score scatter symbols. Moreover, people know they are not as common in may slots’ during the base game. In contrast, the bonus games offer to multiply your bankroll with free spins.

What is more is that even if the slot you are betting on currently supports the appearance of a multiplier during base play, a majority of them will only multiply the winning payline and not the winning combos. To illustrate, suppose you have 5 Limos and see a 2x on the active payline, what would you expect? The answer is simple. According to the value of the multiplier is 2x.

During Free Spins

As mentioned in the preceding section, it is during the free spins that most multipliers appear in many slots. In fact, if there was a time a player first saw a multiplier symbol, it must have been during the free spins. Originally, a multiplier in slot games were introduced in this section by developers just t create a distinction between the feel in base play and free spins.

Jack Gold

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