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Online Slots Machines That Pay Both Ways

Some online slot machines have great features that increase your odds of winning money by paying both ways. These types of slot machines are called the 2 Way Pay Slot Feature. It is not always easy for a slot player to decide on which side things will fall because as it is, whether you have several years of experience in playing online slots or you just started, it is not of your skill.

Win Both Ways Slots

This guide is dedicated to one of the new slot features, termed win both ways, which allows players to win back their bets in addition to paying out.We’ll take you through everything there is to know about it, how it works, where to find it, some of the greatest win both ways slots with this feature, as well as pros and drawbacks. Let’s get started!

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What Does Win Both Ways Mean?

Win both ways essentially implies that paying symbols can appear in any sequence on the reels, from left to right plus vice versa.

To obtain a payline, the paying symbols must fall from the leftmost reel to the rightmost. This has been the case since slots have existed. But what if we told you that paylines could materialize from right to left?

It’s certainly attractive, isn’t it? Two-way pay slot functionality does precisely that.

It breaks the rule of “left to right,” allowing paying symbols to fall from both sides.

Does this imply you’ll win twice as much money? Continue reading and you’ll learn more!

How Do the Win Both Way Feature Work?

To construct a winning combination on a slot that pays both ways, you must first run the symbols from the last reel to the first. When you win from right to left, the lines are not altered or mirrored.

You simply begin at the other end. To win, you’d need to achieve successive symbols.

2-way pay slots, on the other hand, may offer fewer lines for each spins and lack additional features such as free spins bonuses.

Instead of that, they have additional sorts of bonus games including Expanding Wilds re-spins.

The second is a game with a lot of stacked symbols. You can win across several pay lines and even double your money on the same spin utilizing various combinations of symbols if you have many of the identical things on the reels.

Win Both Ways in Action

The method that these slots work is simple to understand. First, the payout is customary left to right, and second, a win both ways occurs.


In most situations, the pay-in and pay-out option will be available as a standard addition.

However, there are instances when this feature may only be accessed via free spins and bonus rounds, meaning that you’ll only win if you obtain matching symbols from the left side of the screen.

Win Both Ways Benefits

When it comes to winning, everyone agrees that double the options is better than one.

While it’s debatable whether or not it can double your chances of winning, it can still improve them significantly, making it a rather powerful feature.

Another factor to consider is that, owing to the nature of the game, all of the major bonuses can be triggered far more frequently, providing you with a much greater advantage.

The opportunity to make both money and win in one fell swoop is a feature that has attracted a lot of attention.

It’s a combination of added value and more readily available bonus features, which makes it appealing from both perspectives.

Both ways are simple to play and grasp, which is one of the reasons they’ve become so popular in recent years.

Pros and Cons Of The Win Both Ways Feature

Some aspects of the win both ways feature can be helpful to players, but some aspects might not be so great. Let’s look at the advantages as well as the drawbacks of this feature to see what is helpful and what is not.


Win more – If you’ve ever had the experience of finding yourself in a situation when you thought you might be able to get a winning combination from right to left, you’re familiar with how aggravating this can be.

Win both ways functionality relieves this problem and lets you win, not just one way.


The fact that you can win in reverse means you will never be completely out of the gambling game until the 4th reel is in place, and you’ll frequently be receiving something up until the final symbols cease. This not only results in more money in your pocket, but it also keeps you engaged throughout the game.


Adjusted winning hit frequency – Although the win both ways system does not guarantee double the earnings, this is because software vendors balance things out by changing winning hit frequency to be equal to usual.

Less Bonus Features

Although this isn’t always the case, win both ways slots may have fewer bonus features, making the games less lucrative in the long run.

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Do I Have More Chances Of Winning With This Feature?

This is entirely dependent on the game you pick, but winning both ways doesn’t always equate to twice as much cash. As we previously stated, these games’ winning hit frequency has been adjusted so that it’s comparable to normal (usually 20-30%).

Nonetheless, the ability to win more ways is a fantastic addition to any slot machine, and we can all agree that having additional options for success equals more enjoyment.

Best Win Both Ways Slots

After you’ve had a better idea of what this functionality is, you may be wondering which slots have more win both ways characteristics. Here are some of the greatest slots with win both ways features available. Make sure you give them a try.

Nitropolis 2

Take a journey through the dunes with this amazing game from Elk Studios, which is inspired by cyberpunk motifs ruled by animals. However, Nitropolis 2 slot machine’s visuals and payouts are not the only things it has to offer. The RTP is 95%, there are 4,069 winning ways, and 100 auto-spins.

The All Wild symbol transforms every Nitro reel into wild symbols only, while the Nitro Booster’s pay both ways function links Jaks, Kung Fu Cats, and Pug Thug symbols.

Cyrus the Virus

Cyrus the Virus is a Microgaming slot featuring a bacterial theme. You may win up to 2000 times your stake when you play this specially designed game in the world of germs and deadly bacteria. On reel 3, the wild virus appears only once and replaces all other symbols.

Starz Megaways

Indeed, the fourth title from Pragmatic Play is an outstanding space and aliens slot. Furthermore, it has a sci-fi theme that will entrance you and take you to an intergalactic adventure like no other. Starz Megaways offers a huge play matrix of 6 reels and 7 rows, as well as a high degree of volatility (96.48%).

Top Software Providers

This was a close cut because there are many fantastic and reputable software providers that produce amazing win both ways slots, however we opted for the ones with an excellent RTP on average, games with fantastic visuals and features to keep players interested and motivated. The winners are:

2 Way Pay Slot Feature

How The 2 Way Pay Slot Feature Works

Indeed, The 2-way pay online slot feature is a simple and straightforward feature. Ultimately, it should not overly worry you. Furthermore, the dynamics around it are simply like those of a regular slot. In no way are you to do anything so different from what you could do with a standard slot.

Every time you are into the spinning of the reels, you are guaranteed to win as long as you attain winning combinations from the left to the right of the reels across active pay lines. Now, here is the difference, which makes two-way pay slot feature very different from the rest of other features on a standard online slot machine:

With the two-way pay slot feature, you’ll be able to win if you make any right-to-left combinations starting on the final reel on that same line. In fact, in most cases, the payouts are the same as those wins that are attained if you match winning symbols from left to right through active pay lines. It is that simple. Isn’t it?



Is there a secret to winning at slots?

Is it possible to maintain a winning track record at slots? There’s no way to win every time you play. In fact, regardless of how you play, you’re likely to lose more than you win. The house always has an advantage, just as it does with roulette or other games.

Is it better to stop slot machines or let it spin?

I said that it doesn’t make much of a difference. When you stop the reels yourself, most games are random. Before you stop the reels, the random numbers that will determine your result have already been determined. It’s a term used by game designers to describe the “illusion of skill.” You believe you have influence over the game.

Can I tell when a slot machine is going to win?

No one can predict the number that will be chosen next by looking at the slot machine. This is why a slot machine cannot be said to be “due” to hit a jackpot.

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