Pennsylvania Gaming Resorts To Pay Substantial Tax

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Pennsylvania Gaming Resorts To Pay Substantial Tax To Respective Communities

Soon, all casinos in Pennsylvania will be forced to pay tax of substantial amounts of money totaling to about $10 million every year. However, for this to happen anywhere in the world, especially in Pennsylvania, gaming resorts need to collect a lot from their slot games something they do not.

Why Do Pennsylvania Gaming Resorts To Pay Substantial Tax?

“If we want to elevate Pennsylvania, says Senator Pat Browne, we should be read to enact laws that ensure the state has money to run its projects. Some of those laws may seen burdensome, to developers but that is the only way any municipality around the world would do.”

Surprisingly, no single casino in Pennsylvania that makes real money casino gambling sites online has ever attained $500 million in any year from their slot games.

Because of that, all casinos pay the same amount of revenue, which for now is $10 million. It is on this reason; the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania ruled that the law that ordered all gaming resorts to pay the same amount irrespective of their annual slot collection was unconstitutional.

However, after consideration, the Supreme Court had to extend the deadline for the new ruling to be effective. After failure of the General Assembly to come up with legislative that would tackle the tax problem, the court allowed an additional 4 months, which is scheduled to end in May 26.

Another reason for the extension of the effective date of the laws was after the court realized that respective county governments heavily depend on revenue collected from gaming resorts to initiate and fund projects.

Speaking to the journal The Morning Call, Senator Browne, who hails from Allentown, which is a neighbor to Sands Bethlehem, said that he is for the idea that casinos be given tax credits.

According to Pat, if casinos will be given tax credits, it will aid in them struggling to pay host fee to their respective municipalities, which for now, stands at $10 million.

“I am not saying that they are not supposed to pay. No. They should be allowed to continue paying the tax to their hosts. However, tax credits will definitely help casinos to offset that huge payment,” Browne said.

A Different Suggestion

Since the ruling by the Supreme Court, there have been diverse views on what should be done for counties to get money at the same time gaming resorts to continue paying a ‘uniform tax’ to their hosts.

One of the suggestions has been the rewording of the statute that governs gambling in Pennsylvania.

However, through an omnibus bill that was massive, lawmakers applied a different approach that did not yield anything substantial.

George Dunbar came up with a bill that seeks to legalize gambling at places such as airport terminus, internet gambling and daily fantasy sports.

According to Dunbar and others of the same mind, instead of subjecting casinos to pay $10 million or 2% of their aggregate slot collection each year, casinos should only be asked to pay utmost 20% of $50 million, the amount each gaming company pays during the preliminary approval process.

What Dunbar and others do not realize is that the amount does not have a big difference from the annual $10 million.

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