Macau Gambling | Online Gambling In Macau China | Asian Casinos

Gambling in Macau is like going to the Las Vegas strip for people that live in China or anywhere in the world. Known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient,” gambling has been legal in Macau China since the 1850’s according to an article in Wikipedia. Macau was under the control of the Portuguese government in the 1850’s but has become one of the biggest places for betting and wagering in the world to the point where their revenues exceed casinos in Las Vegas Nevada.

Macau Gambling | Online Gambling In Macau China | Asian Casinos

Real Money Gambling In Macau China

Las Vegas USA casinos brought in far more money to the United States Government and the state of Nevada before the Asian betting parlors introduced real money Western-style casino games for their guests to play. Before that person that like to play online slots for real money in Macau or anywhere in Asia were only able to play Chinese games for cash like Fan-Tan. Feel free to read the Macau China gambling news.

Now the real money Asian casinos in China bring in the majority of their revenue for the Chinese government from tourists. The Asian Chinese government has broken to the “Macau gambling’ in four categories.

Macau Chinese Gambling Categories

The four categories that the US online casino bettors see when they head to Asia to gamble are sports betting , lotteries, real money casino games like slots and greyhound racing.

The categories are very similar to how Las Vegas Nevada casinos break down their betting except the United States Government allows residents to bet on the lottery like the Powerball or the Mega Millions.

While many Internet bettors from Hong Kong, Macau, China and all over the Asia gamble on the Internet currently Macau China does not allow real money mobile casino gaming, Internet sports betting, virtual lottery for real money or online Racebooks.

There is no need to worry because there are a plethora of land gambling establishments where you can play the best progressive jackpot slots for cold hard cash. Macau China is considered the Las Vegas strip of Asia. Feel free to visit the European gaming sites, mobile casinos in Canada and Australian betting sites but first take a look at this Asian-themed video slot below.

A List Of Casinos In Macau China

The Casino Lisboa is a great place to go on vacation or even to stop in if you are a resident. It is open twenty-four hours a day and features over one hundred slot machines to play for real money in their one hundred ninety thousand foot land hotel-casino. There are over one thousand luxurious rooms that you can stay in while you are there.

Some of the other betting parlors that you can stop by while you are in “Macau China” are the Casa Real casinos, the Grandview Hotel, Casino Macau Palace, Altira Macau Hotel, Jai Alai hotel, the Kam Pik and the Kingsway Hotel & Casino. Last updated May 4, 2017.Top

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