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Gambling in China is illegal in some places. That is what the law says. But there is significant room for Chinese people to practice legal gambling. In such a case, you will need to gamble from facilities that are run by the state. It is therefore easy to say that Asia casino industry is unique. Alternatively, you will bet from specific administrative regions. These regions include Hong Kong and Macau. There are also other regions the government considers haven for gambling. The form of gambling that takes place in Macau and Hong Kong is different. It doesn’t resemble what happens in other areas in China where real money betting takes place.

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Is Online Gambling In China Legal?

Betting in those countries resemble that takes place in Portugal and United Kingdom respectively. In mainland China, there are two lotteries. The Government runs the lotteries. It is interesting that the government does not consider these lotteries as gambling. The two government-run lotteries are China Sports Lottery and the China Welfare Lottery. The government considers other lotteries illegal.

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It is also illegal if you place your money on games such as:

· Mahjong.
· Various card games.
· Clandestine casinos.
· Unofficial lotteries.

But even as the government remains tough on what is illegal gambling, many people do. For instance, in 2010, The Daily Telegraph reports that about 1 trillion Yuan passes through illegal gambling. Coincidentally, problem wagering in China is high. One report says that problem gambling in China is more top than it is in countries where gambling is legal.

Internet betting in Chinese casino sector

Above all, Internet betting in Chinese casino sector is another force to reckon. Furthermore, the government is not able to control online gambling in its jurisdictions. For many years, there are various attempts to make gambling legal in China mainland. It is however not successful. The efforts are always falling on deaf ears. Hence, on what many are seeing as a wakeup call, officials from Hainan Province are pleading for it. As a result, they are showing interest in the national establishment of betting in Asia.
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Hong Kong

Certainly, as part of the Chinese territory, Hong Kong has some form of Chinese gaming laws. Above all, while many forms of gambling are illegal, there are those that work. In general, the law that is in operation inside Hong Kong is English Common Law. As such, the country borrows many aspects from England. Most importantly, Hong Kong is England’s international territory until 1997. Above all, This is just the other day. Because of this, many things in the territory follow the pattern of the English people. Furthermore, betting is one of those practices. In contrast, there is gambling regulation in Hong Kong since 1977. Also, This is very different from what happens in other parts of the greater China territory.

Macau or Macao

First of all, Macau or Macao as some locals prefer calling it has legal gambling going back to the 1850s. Furthermore, this time, the territory is under Portuguese administration. The kinds of betting that are in Macau back then are what you can find in traditional China. Things are changing super fast. Today, Macau is emerging as the world’s top gambling center. It is beating other gambling battlefields like Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently, the Chinese casino industry is on top of the world. Also, there are over 38 high-end casinos is Macau alone. One report says that in 2016, real money gaming revenue exceeds $27.9 billion. Top

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