Is Japan Closer To Legalizing Online Casino Gambling?

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It appears that Japan is getting closer to legalizing online casino gambling this year. In a recent article by, the Japanese casino bill went to the upper house committee for a vote last Friday. This seems like major progress to help their economy, which is facing a trade war with the United States. Above all, several members of the Japanese government appears to be backing the Integrated Resorts Implementation Bill, which was the bill that went to the upper house committee. Furthermore, we will have to wait to see if this piece of legislature gets approved by the Japanese Government. However, anonymous sources close to the bill say they are confident the bill will pass.

Learn Why Japan Is Closer To Legalizing Online Casino Gambling

Indeed, Japan is an economically stable country that has great technology and automotive exports. Recently, the United States of America, where it may be legal to gamble real money in certain states, waged a war on trade. Above all, the trade war may not have a severe economic impact. It is unclear it the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe along with his Komeito coalition and Liberal Democratic Party will show support. However, legalizing online casino gambling should give their Government a new source of revenue. Furthermore, there are still obstacles for Japan before the casino bill passes.

The Anti Gambling Opposition Parties Threaten To Kill The Casino Bill

Like most other countries, Japan has anti-gambling opposition parties, which may be a serious threat to killing this casino bill. While members of the Japanese Government voted on this legislation Friday, it appears there will be the anti-gambling opposition parties planning a no-confidence motion. Above all, this can put a halt on the legal online gambling bill in Japan. According to the article on, it seems that the public will know the outcome of the vote on July 22, 2018.

Many people in the Japanese Government feel that this bill can help this bill will help improve their economy. Currently, there are millions of real money gamblers in Japan, that use offshore betting sites. While this may or may not be legal, this does not result in Japan getting their portion of their revenue. For example, according to a press release on, Japan stands to gain a thirty percent tax on the gross casino gaming revenue. Furthermore, out of the one hundred and twenty-five million people that live in the Asian country, they project fifty-three million dollars in revenue the first year if this bill passes.

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 Is Japan Closer To Legalizing Online Casino Gambling?  Wagering News
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