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Casino war is a version of the classic game or war, and one can play with any number of decks. With this game, aces are always high, and cards suit are of no consequence. If you are a card game player, it will be effortless for you to learn how to play casino game. In casino war, the highest card will always win, and that’s the most important rule. It is also easier to play than the other table games like Blackjack, three card poker and let it ride where multiple cards are dealt.

How to play casino war and win

If you are wondering “how to play casino war and win” or ‘how to win in casino war’ you have come to the right place. The Casino War rules are simple and straightforward. However, if you are playing casino games just for the win, you may want to avoid the side bet. Remember, you can tie the dealer. If you truly want to be the one who beats the dealer you have to have cards higher than the dealer. As a result, the player wins double his original wager. Remember, this is not blackjack and you cannot count cards. While you know there are 52 card decks, you don’t know the number of decks the online casino is using.

Let’s get into the reason we (as well as the (wizard of odds) say to avoid the side bet. When you play casino war, the first wager you make with usually tie the dealer’s card. While this pays out 10.1, the betting odds of this happening are slim to none. You don’t want to burn three cards as well as the money you originally bet at the online casinos. More specifically, let’s discuss the exact house edge. Online casinos and land resorts both have an 18.5% house edge, which is pretty high. As a result, we feel this bet is too risky and would avoid making it.

In the event of a tie in the casino war game, we think it’s best to avoid betting the tie. The best strategy to get the highest card and win your ante bet is to only surrender your wager when you reach a tie. Check out the video below.

What casinos have casino war & where to play

How to Play Casino War

The game is to be played on a casino table. The table is similar to the one used for blackjack. The dealer sits on one side of the table while the players get to sit across the dealer. The dealer draws cards for every player and takes one for himself. A comparison is made on the card ranks. Players with higher ranking cards than the dealer win equal money on their bets.

On the other hand, if the dealer has a higher ranking card, the players lose, and the win goes to the dealer. Online casino war is played identically to brick-to-mortar casino war. A simple advantage of a casino game is that it can be played on the browser without necessarily having to download it.

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Table Game Reviews

There are no free games. You can enjoy Caribbean draw poker and four card poker.
Casino War Table Game Online

Ties in Casino War

Most casino games, like Blackjack, require a “Push” in case there is a tie. What this means is that the player will not lose or win the money.

In Casino war, however, a tie requires the player to put up another wager equal to the original. This will enable him to “go to war” or forego half his bet.

In case the player decides to go to war, the dealer matches the bet. Then he burns three cards and deals both to himself and the player a card each. In case the dealt card beats the dealer the player then wins even money on the raise and pushes original bet.

The player loses if the dealer’s card is high. A player can also place a side bet at the beginning of a hand predicting the result will be a tie. If the result is a tie, the win is 10:1.

The house, however, has more than 18% edge. Casino war strategy is straightforward and is whether a player surrenders or goes to war in case there is a tie. Top

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Casino War Table Game
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