Arkansas State Puts Off Casino Proposal Bill Because Of The Referendum Question

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Arkansas State AG Puts Off Casino Proposal Bill Because Of The Referendum Question

A proposal that if passed would allow a casino to be set up in Arkansas has once again shut down.

This time, it is by none other than the state’s Attorney General, who after carefully scrutinizing the referendum question, she said that it was either poorly crafted or drafted in a manner that would easily hide the real meaning from innocent residents who in the end lured into voting for or against their consent.

Leslie Rutledge’s action is the latest nail on the casino proposal that if left to pass would allow a new gaming facility in Arkansas. However, the action means that if a facility is to be built in Arkansas, at least, the writing of the referendum question will have to be changed, or an entirely different bill be brought before the House.

Either way, bringing a new casino in Arkansas will likely take longer than expected.

Remember that it is only in Arkansas where residents are allowed by law to initiate laws or bills. They will also be acting according to the law when they raise challenges that will be deliberated by the House.

One such resident whose hobby has been to initiate proposals in Arkansas is Barry Emigh, from Hot Springs, who has done so for many years now. However, none of his projects has finally adopted into law.

For over 20 years, Emigh has tried in vain to raise some casino projects.

Currently, the State of Arkansas only allows pari-mutuel wagering done at racetracks. However, two gaming facilities offer video and other related gambling machines, which enable patrons and other sports betting enthusiasts to access electronic versions of the roulette, poker, and blackjack games.

The Hot Springs’ latest casino expansion proposal is said to have a myriad of challenges.

First, there is a problem with the length of the question, which people are supposed to answer. The referendum .question is more than 845 words! It is after reading all these words then you need to answer the posed question. In the lengthy passage, Emigh talks in detail how he feels gambling should be handled in Arkansas.

The second problem is that he calls the exercise ‘Amendment of Arkansas Constitution.’ By naming a bill that seeks to address gambling issues an ‘Amendment to Arkansas Constitution,’ is in itself a significant confusion.Mobile Gambling To Shoot To Over 164 Million Users By 2018.

Rutledge said that the proposal would have been worth deliberation, but it has many mistakes just like other projects that have been brought for deliberations.

She termed the proposal as full of flaws beginning with the title, which the AG said was overly lengthy and complicated.

“The people of Arkansas would quickly consider something that is precise. However, bringing a whole essay of close to 1,000 words would quickly render your message useless. Nobody would want to consider such a long thing. People do not have that time,” Rutledge said.

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