Lucky Ladies Blackjack Game Rules & Strategies 🏆 Play Black Jack

Lucky Ladies Blackjack Game Rules & Strategies

Lucky Ladies Blackjack should not be confused with the traditional blackjack. Additionally, you should never think this is the same table game developed by Galaxy. This time, this variation has been developed by NYX Gaming. You should beware of one crucial thing here. While there might be similar names in such variations, there is nothing comparable. Probably, the name is.

Everything else apart from the name is very different. Granted, when developers come up with variations, all they look at is what to improve on. Otherwise, had it not been to improve on something, they will leave the Lucky Ladies game.

What To Expect

In many occasions, a developer will differ from the other by what they have added to the game. There might be changes on the interface, a new way to play and of course additional sections such as the side bet.

At least, it is possible to tell the difference from one developer and the other. With the many variations of the same game, it is possible to love a game developed by a specific company and completely hating the other.

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Lucky Ladies Blackjack

There are quite some reasons why you’ll love this table game. The game blends both American and European traditions leaving you with something fashionable.

If it happens that you hit a card or specific cards at your disposal, then you’ll surely love the online casino game. In fact, the high bonus that comes with this game makes the greatest difference.

As you well know, traditional blackjack has many rules. However, for those that have played blackjack for years, they might not feel so. Besides, most of these rules come from one end.

But when it comes to Lucky Ladies Blackjack, the story is different. The game incorporates rules from across. You’re likely to play it on American and European rules.

The Basics

In this game, just like many other blackjack games, cards are dealt out of a shoe. To show so, the cards comprise six decks from the standard 52-card deck.

To start with, you may be required to make up to three hands. Each hand is treated separately and independently. It will give you a chance to play for any number between 1 and 3.

The exciting part of this game is that each hand has the option of a side bet. Because it is optional, it is a prudent thing to know what it entails before you decide to or not to.

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Lucky Ladies Blackjack Game

Start To Play

The house set the bets. Where do you start? In the beginning, the player will receive two cards. All his cards will face up. The dealer will also receive the same number of cards.
Contrary to the player’s, one of the dealer’s cards will face up while the other will face down.

As usual, in such a game, the objective is one. If the player is interested in winning the game thus make real money, they should aim at coming as close as possible to 21. The player must never go past 21 if they want to win in Lucky Ladies Blackjack game.Top

Lucky Ladies Rules And Objectives

The side bet on the first two cards is a wager on them totaling 20 points in any combination. There will be a specific area for such a bet near to the regular blackjack wager in games that offer this wager (usually, a tiny, separate circle). That is how to place a lucky ladies bet when playing blackjack with basic strategy.

Indeed, A Lucky Ladies wager, like all side bets, has no bearing on the primary blackjack wager and is entirely based on our first two cards. The Lucky Ladies wager does not impact any other rules that are relevant to the game being played.If we place the Lucky Ladies wager, we only receive a bonus payment if the combined value of our first two cards is 20. If they do not add up to 21, the side bet is void, but our main wager and game continue.


 How To Play The Side Bet

To wager on a Lucky Ladies, you must first make a normal blackjack wager. It’s possible to place a Lucky Ladies bet on another player’s hand if you’re playing with others; however, you don’t need to put down a standard blackjack bet. The minimum and maximum wagers on the Lucky Ladies table must be at least the stated amount. The minimum and maximum wagers at any given table will vary, so double-check the correct amount before betting.If we draw two cards to the lucky number 20, the bonus payment we will receive is determined by the particular cards that make up our total:

The Lucky Ladies wager involves a side bet with a 24.71 percent house edge, which should be gambled for pure pleasure rather than expecting consistent earnings.Even if the dealer simultaneously draws a blackjack while you hit the Queen or Hearts pair, there’s a chance of finding a needle in the world’s largest haystack (0.0015%), and drawing to 20 with two cards is about an eight percent chance.However, as with all side bets, they are fun to play from time to time, and hopefully you’ll receive some beautiful lady luck on your side at some point.

 Lucky Ladies Side Bet House Edge Rates And Probabilities

Robert Saucier, the creator of Lucky Ladies, stated that players should anticipate to win a 20-hand total on roughly one in every nine and a half hands dealt.This means that on 10% of deals, you should receive at least 4 payouts for every 1 payout you make.

But by now, careful readers are undoubtedly curious about the blackjack odds and probabilities for the more particular 20 combinations required to earn the bigger prizes.

Well, you asked for it, so here’s the rundown on Lucky Ladies possibilities, chances, and expected return rates:

All statistics in the table below pertain to Lucky Ladies side bets that employ the pay table above and a six-deck shoe.

 Lucky Ladies Side Bet Combos And Expected Return Rates

Sure, as Saucier acknowledged, you’ll land a mix of 20 in some cases. However, just less than 8% of deals will result in an unsuited 20 for the minimal 4 to 1 payout.

2% of transactions will pay out a matched 20 and a 9 to 1 payout if you go first. However, things go from bad to worse from a statistical standpoint after that. For a 19 to 1 payout, you’ll have less than one-half of one percent chance of hitting the same rank and suit for a matched 20 using the same rank. When you’re dealing a pair of hearts without a dealer blackjack for a cool 125 to 1, this is expected to happen on two-tenths of one percent of deals.

Finally, on only one one-hundredth of one percent of all deals, the motherload 1,000 to 1 payout for hitting a matched Queen of hearts and a dealer blackjack will occur.

If you count all of the prizes, including free spins and comps, it totals $6000. Add all that up and the Lucky Ladies side bet provides one of the highest house edges on any casino floor at 24.71 percent.

To put it another way, if you hit a “Hard 8” on a single roll of craps, the house edge is only 9.09 percent.In fact, the “Any 7” bet, which is the worst bet on the craps table, has a 16.67 percent house edge – more than 8 percentage points lower than Lucky Ladies.

In terms of house edge, this longshot approaches lottery ticket territory, which is why most experienced blackjack players will advise against splashing chips all over the Lucky Ladies side bet.


Lucky Ladies Bet FAQ


What are lucky ladies in blackjack?

At a traditional Blackjack table, the term “lucky ladies” refers to a side bet. To win, the first two cards must total “twenty.” Certain combinations of “twenty” will pay greater odds.


What is the payout for Lucky Ladies blackjack?

The blackjack game resumes as usual at the end of the Lucky LadiesTM take or pay process. Each player may win up to $25,000 per hand in total payout.

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