Dash Partners With Herosphere for eSports Betting

dash esports betting

dash esports betting
The gaming industry remains in a constant state change driven by innovation. New products and services are in the news almost every day. Strategic partnerships continue to change the face of the industry on a global scale. From real money casino gambling to the latest advancements in online sports betting, innovation remains the driving force. Add in the cryptocurrency phenomenon and enhanced blockchain technology and it becomes quite the mixed bag.

When Does Dash Partner With Herosphere for eSports Betting?

In a recent post on www.dashnews.com by Justin Szilard, plans to integrate Dash for betting esports is front page news. Through a new arrangement with online gaming and betting platform Herosphere, Dash is making it easier to bet on eSports with their Hero coin. Recently, The company puts out the following statement:

“With our team based in Austria, we set out to create a platform with the goal of bringing back fun and joy to betting. By allowing people to challenge their friends, family, and colleagues on various esports events. When at the same time the esports market started to rapidly grow. Furthermore, we decide to focus our resources on contests around Dota2. Moreover, we focus on LoL, and CS:GO on our own platform.”
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Indeed, This platform has over 260,000 registered users. Furthermore, the newsletter reaches over 120,000 subscribers. Also, it currently supports three games. Dash noted that “one percent of all pots played is given back to all token holders”, to incentivize betting. Game creation is incentivized by allowing creators to set their own reward. This is also designed to eliminate bookmakers in order to increase winnings by players. A big part of the overall equation is Dash integration.

Continuing with the company statement, it mentions:

“Indeed, Dash is a great cryptocurrency for payments. Also, it is anonymous, quick and offers secure transactions. Since those core values are the same ones for our users it was an obvious step to work together with Dash. Every user can swap his DASH token to HEROcoin directly on herosphere.gg within seconds. Moreover, as everybody is completely in possession and charge of his private key further trades can be handled at free discretion. We take pride in never having full control over user’s funds. From the moment those funds arrive at the user’s wallet until they are sent elsewhere by the user – as one would expect from a truly decentralized provider.”

How Dash Plays A Big Role In E Sports Betting

Years ago, the main role middlemen played in betting and other sectors ties to communication and education issues. This role persisted due to government-mandated regulations. Crypto’s role has been to help individuals outmaneuver these mandated positions. Regulations still act as prescribed hurdles that still need to be faced. Herosphere works with legal counsel to operate “under a clear legal framework” in Austria.

One set company goal is to establish Dash as digital cash. Through the use of merchant integrations that total over 4,800 on a global basis, this can be achieved. The process includes integrating systems to give the consumer more spendable options. Dash is also working towards a concept known as Evolution. This would offer a DApps platform where users can create their own cryptocurrency applications.

• Source: Herosphere Now Enables eSports Betting Via Dash From Dashnews.org On February 27, 2019.

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