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eSports betting has gotten very big. While this (relatively) new type of gambling got off to a pretty slow start, it appears that over the last few years it has increased in popularity significantly. Ultimately, Global esports betting has seen huge growth to the point where the esports betting market was worth around $30 billion dollars in 2020.

$30 billion dollars is a big number especially when esports betting is still considered “under the radar”. Betting on video games and their competitions has gained a monster fanbase just as big as football, basketball, soccer, golf, and tennis. The majority of folks outside of these esports betting markets don’t have an idea of what esports are about. Ultimately, people don’t know much about betting on the esports scene.

The questions that arise are how does esports betting work and what are esports? On this guide to the esports betting page, we will tell you how esports betting works and what betting on esports matches is all about.

We have a team of experts that carefully put together information to help anyone understand the fundamentals of esports and how to place your video game bets. You’ll find a section that is focused on explaining esports. After that, we focus on covering how esports betting works. Additionally, we have some online betting strategies for beginners as well as advice for more seasoned gamblers. We put together a list of the best Sportsbooks and esports betting sites plus some other upcoming video game matches.

Best ESports Betting Sites

BetOnline Casino

  • Accepts USA Players
  • Sportsbook
  • Racebook
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Wide Variety Of Games
  • Great Software
  • Customer Service
  • Accepts USA Players
  • Unique Casino Games
  • Excellent Software
  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast Payouts
  • Live Chat
  • Amazing Bonuses

BetOnline Sportsbook is one of the best esports betting sites that offers the best odds on video games like Dota 2, I league, and many more esports titles. They have far surpassed Betway esports and have become dominant in the esports live betting industry. Sign up for BetOnline through As a result, players can claim an exclusive welcome bonus using our promo codes and compete for a huge prize pool. Also, they have great online casino games and sports betting services.Bet on Tennis any many more sporting events. Read more in the BetOnline review
eSports Betting Sites Online | How To Place A Real Money Bet

Best eSports Betting Sites For United States Players

Intertops Classic Casino

  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • ESports Betting
  • Accepts Credit Cards and Debit Cards
  • Reduced Juice
  • Live Betting Sportsbook
  • Racebook
  • Casino
  • Poker Room
  • Cash Back Offers
  • Free NFL BETS
  • Accepts Paypal
  • Quick & Easy Cash Outs
  • Great Deposit Options
  • Great Withdrawal Options
  • Licensed Sportsbook

Intertops has a large variety of esports betting options. Their esports betting app works on Android and iOS mobile devices. When you sign up through our links, you will be able to claim a free bet on the latest esports events. Before you make a deposit, read the Intertops review.

Bet On Video Games At eSports Betting Sites

Bovada Casino

  • Live Dealer Games
  • Real Money Poker Tournaments
  • 100's Of Slot Machines
  • Accepts Bitcoins
  • USA accepted
  • 100% up to $500 poker bonus
  • No-nonsense payouts
  • Mobile- and Mac-compatible
  • Fast-fold Zone Poker
  • Jackpot Sit & Go combines poker and lottery
  • Anonymous Poker Tables

At Bovada casino gambling site and sports betting sites, you can do all your betting on esports watch other video game players compete against each other. Also, you can claim your exclusive deposit bonus after you sign up through our links and banners. Use our bonus code to claim the best welcome bonus and bet on fantasy esports teams. Also, enjoy progressive jackpot games and place bets on sporting events at these US Sportsbooks. Just take out yourAndroid or iOS mobile device, and make a deposit. You are one step closer to shopping for the best betting odds using your Android device. Read our Bovada review.

USA Online Casino FAQ

What Is The Best eSports Betting Site?

MyBookie Casino

  • BetSoft Casino
  • Live Betting Sportsbook
  • Racebook
  • Full Online Casino
  • Mobile App
  • US Welcome

MyBookie is one of the best esports betting sites. One can participate in skin betting in any location and claim a big bonus after you sign up through our links and banners. The esports betting market is filled with Sportsbooks. However, MyBookie is a front runner when it comes to esports betting sites. Their customer service speaks several different languages and they go out of their way to offer great bonus promotions. Read more before you sign up in the MyBookie review. After you sign up through, you can get free bet bonuses, which will help you win cash wagering on a team of any of the esports events.

Have Fun And Win Cash Money Betting On eSports At The Best Sportsbooks

Our goal is to help you have fun and win money betting esports games on Sportsbooks we list on our site. We hope you make money after reading through this page. We also have links to more specific gambling guides, which may help you win money betting esports games.

Guide To ESports Betting

In this guide to the esports betting section, we will help folks that are new to esports. Also, we will tell you about this new sports betting niche and what it involves. Now, let’s begin with an overview of what esports are. eSports stands for electronic sports and it refers to video gaming competitions. Interestingly, this refers to folks playing video games against each other in competitions. There is nothing new here as people have been competing against each other playing video games since video game consoles and home computers came out.
video games e sports bettting sites

In this guide to esports betting, we want you to understand that people have been playing video games with each other “sitting next to each other”. Since the Internet has been established, sports betting fans can now play video games against each other anywhere on the planet while sitting at home.

According to the latest statistics on the guide to esports betting, billions of sports betting fans participate in video gaming whether they are betting on esports, watching competitions, or playing video games against other people over the Internet. Not all gamers play video games against each other as a lot of sports fans like solo gaming. However, the majority of Betway esports betting customers love playing against other players in real-time. Interestingly, skin betting sites refer to these gamers as “casual gamers.”

video games e sports bettting

If you play video games for fun, you may fit into the casual gamer category. However, a lot of casual gamers enter online tournaments for games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Call Of Duty, and much more. These organized contests are considered esports. . People use the terms esports when it comes to the professional scene. Interestingly, there actually is a professional video gaming scene but not everybody participates in betting on esports. In some of these contests, players form teams and compete for millions in prize money.

These sports betting contests attract live audiences plus millions of fans watch esports live. Most people use streaming services like Youtube or Twitch. In some cases, huge television networks like ESPN showcase esports betting contests on their channels. The professional esports scene is a very big deal. Later in the guide to esports betting, we will discuss this in more detail.
top esports betting sites
In the content on the page above, we home you understand the important aspects of esports. There are some other details about the e sports betting market below, which we will cover in other pages.

  1. Esports Teams And Players games
  2. Esports Games
  3. Esports Tournaments And Leagues

Before one begins betting on e sports, players should have an understanding of the majority of the players of the online game play. Obviously, the more you know about the video games like Dota 2, League Of Legends, Call Of Duty, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the better chances you’ll have of winning betting esports.. We will list the most popular e sports betting games below.

Can Interest In Esports Betting Continue to Appeal To Sports-Hungry Fans

  1. Dota 2
  2. FIFA Football/Soccer
  3. Halo
  4. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  5. Heroes of the Storm
  6. League of Legends
  7. Overwatch
  8. PUBG
  9. Rocket League
  10. Battlefield
  11. Call Of Duty
  12. Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  13. Smite
  14. Starcraft II
  15. Street Fighter
  16. Super Smash Bros

Keep in mind, you don’t need to know about all of these games like Dota 2. However, if you plan on betting on them, you should learn how to play and learn strategies. Our goal is to give people comprehensive guides so sports betting fans can understand and learn some strategies.
esports betting
Regardless of which region you live in, sports fans should have an understanding of the format of all the esports matches to help you make the best betting decisions. After all, there are thousands of leagues and tournaments on the planet. However, it is best for one to focus on the biggest leagues. Below is a list of high-profile esports contests.

Major Esports Leagues And Tournaments

Esports Betting Postseason Competitions Light Things Up for Fans With Call Of Duty

  1. The International Dota 2 Championships
  3. Call of Duty Championship
  4. Capcom Pro Tour
  5. eGames
  6. Intel Extreme Masters
  7. Major League Gaming
  8. Evolution Championship Series
  9. Halo World Championships
  10. Intel Extreme Masters
  11. World Championship Series
  12. World Electronic Sports Events
  13. League of Legends World Championships

Players need to understand and learn about the teams and the players that participate in esports matches. Obviously, this is common sense. Sports betting fans that bet on football online know the teams and the players. Don’t you think you should know the same information? If you plan on betting on tennis, wouldn’t you want to understand the players in the match? It is never good to place a bet on esports contests without knowing the game, the team, and the players.

Esports Betting For Beginners

esports betting apps video games
After you have an understanding of what esports are all about, you can become start to think about placing a bet on a team you like. We think you should start slow and learn about all of the events. After you understand the basics of esports betting, then think about becoming one of the customers that want to claim a free bet on esports events.

Interestingly, there are several options and ways customers can bet on esports. Below, we have listed the most popular ways.

Challenge betting

Fantasy betting

Social betting

Real money betting

Skin betting

Now will explain more about each one of the categories we listed above.

Real Money Betting

esports betting apps
Real money betting is a type of esports betting that is most similar to traditional esports betting. Ultimately, it works just like betting on football games, basketball games, golf tournaments, fantasy sports, and MMA Matches. People place a real money bet on the betting odds that they agree upon prior to placing their wager. After the events are over, they get paid their winnings if they picked the right team. There are props and parlays, which give you the option to gamble on different outcomes. Take a look at the Sportsbooks betting markets available for upcoming matches of the League of Legends tournament and other games.

Skin Betting

best esports betting sites
Skin betting is referred to as item betting. Over the past several years, it has become very popular amounts the esports betting community. Most of the retro video games offer virtual currencies (not cryptocurrency) that players can exchange. People refer to these items as “Loot Boxes”. Players have the chance to buy, sell and trade these items. Also, players can trade video game currencies in some popular games.

In some cases, online betting sites allow players to gamble on items and currencies (depending on which gambling commission regulates the betting site). After the trade, players can wager on the outcome of the esports events instead of using real money. Many players like this as they can build their betting bankroll playing casino games like craps, roulette, and many more games.

The Social Betting Product

best esports betting apps video games
When it comes to real money gambling, Social betting is very common in the esports community. Ultimately, this is where friends or online customers place informal wagers on the outcome of esports events between themselves. Some of these bets can be for real money but there is an issue. The wager needs to be settled between the two parties, the odds are this can present a problem. We have seen more problems that benefit from this as arguments and fallouts happen. Obviously, you want to make sure you get paid your winnings when you place a bet online, right? When you make a deposit at a Sportsbook, you agree to the odds on the events, place your bets, and get paid your cash when you win.

The Fantasty Betting Product

Fantasy betting is not technically betting. Basically, it is similar to betting on daily fantasy sports for traditional sports. However, Sportsbooks build out rosters using esports players. Interestingly, it is similar to daily fantasy sports for esports events. Folks can even bet on esports skins.

Challenge Betting

best e sports betting apps video games

Folks refer to change better as head-to-head betting. Ultimately, this is where gamers compete for cash, loot box items, or skins. Many gamers just organize the bets between themselves. They set their own betting odds and settle up after the match is over. The odds are some websites organize the odds in a formal manner. Moreover, a player can make a deposit and pay an entry fee to enter for a chance to win money for a contest or match. After the rocket league match is over, the winner is paid. In some cases, these options may be worth looking at. However, many folks trust using a Sportsbook instead.

Betting Tips, And Strategy

Tech Tips to Win Real Money Playing Slot Machines | Strategies For Winning

There is a difference between knowing how to bet on esports other than how to make money betting on esports. Furthermore, there are a lot of things to know when it comes to beating a Sportsbook. In addition to patience, bettors will need to put in a lot of time researching or paying for picks. Remember, there are a lot of similarities between betting on esports and wagering on sports. Because of this, we recommend you read our main sports betting guide. We listed all these points in our traditional sports betting guide.

Where To Bet On eSports?

A New Look For Esports Rocket League
If you are looking where to bet on esports, listed the best Sportsbooks with free bet offers when you make a deposit above. Interestingly, it can be challenging to find a good esports betting site to place a wager on the rocket league. These days, there are hundreds of Sportsbooks and Casinos on the Internet advertising as the “Best esports betting sites”. That said, buy must be aware. The question because what sites should you use. When choosing any of the best gambling sites, esports fans should always be cautious. One can find it just as hard as choosing an online casino bonus,or a poker site.

The Sportsbook sites we list are top quality. However, there are hundreds of sites on the Internet advertising the best odds with a big bonus that you should stay away from. Don’t just sign up for any esports betting site. Below we will give you some tips on choosing an esports betting site.

  1. Great odds
  2. Reliable and trustworthy
  3. Established bet sites with good reputations
  4. Good deposit bonuses and rewards
  5. Good coverage of events
  6. Easy to use
  7. Variety of wagering options
  8. Competitive bet odds and lines
  9. Lots of deposit methods available
  10. Fast withdrawals

Best eSports Betting Sites
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Best eSports Betting Sites
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