ESRB Now Says That Loot Boxes’ Are Not Real Money Gambling

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ESRB Now Says That Loot Boxes’ Are Not Real Money Gambling

Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has said that although Loot-boxes’ have become so popular in the gaming industry lately, that does not make them real money gambling. Gaming self-regulator has confirmed that although such games as Stars Wars BattleFront 2 that are shown virtually on every online gambling store thus accessed by many people, that does not warrant them becoming gambling.

In giving the reason, the regulatory body announced last week that it is because there ‘isn’t any stake involved.’ It would be sincerely awkward for anybody to try and equate such a thing without stakes that it is real money gambling.

In fact, the regulator said in particular that Loot boxes’ are essentially consumables that are in-game boxes, which only give players randomized opportunities to achieve several wins more virtual items just like video games but the difference is that there is no such involvement of stakes! Also, see how experts predict that the video gaming community’s loot boxes will display winning odds by 2020.

See Why Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) Feel Loot Boxes’ Are Not Real Money Gambling

But on what has been seen as a different image, players themselves are so much aggrieved by the presence of so many forms of such in the market and are increasingly being released on a daily basis. They argue that in this month alone, the industry has unleashed big titles that are shaking the world of online gambling. Titles such as Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Middle Earth: Shadow of War have been released to the market and are causing significant mayhem.

What is more is that these games that use the Light-boxes’ require that it is a must for players to ensure that before they play, make in-game small but numerous transactions. This is even after knowing that these games are likely to set a player back some $60 to acquire them before you start playing on them.

It is easy to see why these Loot boxes are compared to online slot machines. First, it is believed that these video games have something that can be called a compulsory loop, a system that creates a feeling in the mind of the player that they should invest financially.

This alone makes them look exactly like slot machines, which without money; you are not going to play them. Through their spokesperson, Kotaku, the regulators say it doesn’t see any reason at all to equate Loot boxes with online gambling.
ESRB Now Says That Loot Boxes’ Are Not Gambling
“At no given point did ESRB consider these Loot boxes to be online gambling. It is true that there is a degree or element of chance in the manner of playing these games, the difference is that other video games do not give a player much leverage as loot boxes do. Here, the gamer is guaranteed of receiving in-game content unlike in the case of other video games. This is likely to happen even if the gamer is receiving what they did not expect,” said Kotaku.

It is on this account that several gaming bodies and various stakeholders are Asian markets have come together to ban such games entirely. That is why many are now urging ESRB to follow suit and ban such games because of such inevitable elements.

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