Illinois Casino Expansion Bill Likely To Move To the Next Level Without Much Hurdle

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Illinois Casino Expansion Bill Likely To Move To the Next Level Without Much Hurdle

An Illinois casino expansion bill which seeks to increase the number of gambling facilities in the state may be moving to the next level without much opposition from residents. According to one of the bill’s sponsors, the bill might not need much of the grand bargain from the state. SB-7 that was approved by the Senate early last month may advance to become a law but it has to wait a little more time before that is determined by the same house.

How Is The Illinois Casino Expansion Bill Likely To Move To the Next Level Without Much Hurdle?

Reports from the Senate indicate that a number of legislation that is in line with SB-7 will have to be either amended or enacted before SB-7 becomes law.

Some of the legislation the Senate is contemplating to address serious revenue and economic-boosting strategies that will help the state to make real money online casino gambling sites.

It should be remembered that it has taken the state two complete years before its authorities have reached to a consensus on how to get the money to fund various projects.

Many people say that the standoff has been caused by the tension that has been existed between Governor Bruce Rauner, the Republican governor, and the state’s House that is dominated by Democrats.

However, if state’s authority would agree to meet of the ‘grand bargain’, which is so far the best a mutual plan the state would raise revenue that would be used to run various projects, it would be an easy and elaborate way to end all the financial woes that are currently marring the state.

Some say that it would have been fixed a long time ago if they had brought the matter before the Senate. Unfortunately, the bill was brought before the Senate just last month.

During the initial tabling of the bill before the Senate, some members led by President John Cullerton accused the governor of putting a lot of his personal feelings into the bill.

“I feel that the governor is simply injecting himself rather too much into this matter. He is even hijacking the whole deal,” said John. Illinois Senate Considers Casino Overhaul As Chicago Remains The Target.

There Is Enough Backing

Although some are showing signs of losing hope in the bill, Senator Dave Syverson said on Sunday that the only mistake that would happen to the bill is if the ‘grand bargain’ fails to materialize. Otherwise, the Senator said, “There is much reason to believe that the bill will sail through because as things are, there is more than enough support in the two chambers.”

Essentially, what Dave has is hope that is based on a seemingly ‘solid foundation’, at least for now.

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