The Rock Band KISS Is Coming To The Rolling Hills Casino And Resort

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Besides trying their luck and adding a bit extra to their budget, most visitors come to casinos looking for a good time and entertainment. And, hardly anyone in the world knows more about those things than the members of the legendary rock band KISS. Rolling Hills Casino put two and two together and provided their guests with an unforgettable night last Friday.

The casino patrons were surprised by the special visit of the legendary KISS members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

A Restaurant with a Rock’n’Roll Flair

The iconic duo was at the casino on Friday afternoon. The reason was to celebrate the first anniversary of the Rock and Brews restaurant which operates on the casino premises.

The two legends are actually the people behind the Rock and Brews franchise. Stanley and Gene Simmons have founded the restaurant chain back in 2010. The idea was to provide a place for people who love rock’n’roll but also enjoy good food.

The interior of the restaurant in the Rolling Hills Casino provides a small trip through rock history and features famous bands, singers, and musicians. It also has interactive digital displays showing legendary and rare rock videos. A part of the space is the integrated stage that’s often the site for live music acts and special events.

The restaurant was developed in previously underutilized space at the casino. With the help of KISS members and casino management, it was turned into a dynamic and exciting dining spot.

The establishment is complemented by a brewery and distillery which are right next door. The development of the restaurant took three years, but after the first year, it’s clear that it was worth it.

A Chance to Give Back

The KISS members also see their restaurant as a chance to connect with the community and engage in charity work. On Friday, Paul Stanley said the band members feel that charity is not optional but their duty.

Through Rock and Brews, they found a perfect way to give back to the local community and to the world. Rock stars also took the opportunity to thank the Paskenta band of Nomlaki Indians who were instrumental in bringing the restaurant to the Northstate.

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They also talked about how grateful they are for the hospitality and warm welcome they experienced at the Rolling Hills Casino. Speaking to the visitors, Stanley and Simmons noted that they feel that it’s very important that the casino helps the local economy and brings people together.

Besides being a next-door neighbor, the casino is also a provider for plenty of families in the area. All this while delivering loads of fun and excitement on a daily basis. Casino helped the tribe diversify their offer and brought numerous job opportunities to the people in the area.

The festivities also included cutting a KISS-themed cake. In addition, fans of the band had a chance for a meet-and-greet with their idols. Members of the KISS army got to spend time with two of the greatest rock stars and had a chance to get to know them better.

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The Rock Band KISS Is Coming To The Rolling Hills Casino And Resort
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The Rock Band KISS Is Coming To The Rolling Hills Casino And Resort
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