Traveling Back in Time In SIn City At Las Vegas Strip Casino Hotels

las vegas strip casino hotels

las vegas strip casino hotels
Las Vegas strip casino hotels in Nevada is known for many things. At the top of the list is its place as the casino gambling capital of the world. Also high on the list is a myriad of entertainment venues offering nightly shows. The town is big on bachelor and bachelorette parties as well as quickie weddings. It is safe to say that Las Vegas offers something to anyone looking to have a good time.

As part of an ongoing travel series on the New York Times website, Sebastian Modak covers his latest installment of 52 Places Traveler. One of the icons he mentions fist from the 1950s was the “Atomic Cocktail”. This was the signature drink at Atomic Liquors on Freemont Street. It was said that patrons would grab a drink and head to the roof to watch the test clouds from the Nevada Test Site. A giant martini glass neon still highlights the site.

Travel Back Through Time On The Las Vegas Strip Casino Hotels

He goes on to talk about a problem customer at notorious mobster Eddie Thrasher’s bar. He would get drunk and continually punch holes in the wall. That joint changed names to Dino’s in 1962 and it is still billed as “the last neighborhood bar in Vegas.”

Most visitors to the las vegas strip casino hotels these days get caught up with all the glitz and glamour up and down the Strip. The bright lights and chiming noise of slot machines blend perfectly with the street hustlers hawking strip clubs with small handout cards of scantily clad women.

Moving off the Strip to take in a quieter view of Las Vegas, the tour moves to Paradise Palms. Ultimately, this is a housing community from the 1960s. Furthermore, two of the area residents are Will and Yocelin Lizarraga. Also, the 30-something brothers are a step back in time given the retro furnishings that adorn their house. Will is the front man for a rockabilly band people call Will and the Hi-Rollers. Yocelin has a side job at night as DJ Maybelline. Appropriately enough, he features music sets from the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Will sums up Las Vegas as follows:

“Las vegas strip casino hotels are an extreme version of the throwaway culture: it’s constantly out with the old and in with the new. We’re an exception. I found some kid’s homework stuffed into the wall here when we moved in, dated from 1963. He’s probably an old man now. How cool is that?”

The next stop was M fine hotels and resorts list, south of Las Vegas. The featured attraction was Lance Lipinsky and the Lovers. Appealing to an older crowd, the band rocked through a few classics from the same time era. This included some ‘piano-bashing, boogie-woogie energy of the 50’s’ in the writer’s own words.

The travel back in time was completed with one last stop at Vickie’s Diner. Indeed, the management Decks this out in pink and chrome. Also, it remains open 24 hours a day. However, they cook their burgers dripping with grease as they an old man cooks at the grill. Furthermore, the trip also includes a stop at the Neon Museum. Interestingly, people refer to as the “boneyard”. However, you can find neon signs scattered across the property from the city’s past.

• Source: Time Traveling Through Las Vegas From On March 12, 2019.

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