Excalibur Las Vegas Nevada Casino Review

Excalibur Las Vegas Nevada Casino Review

The Excalibur Las Vegas Casino, one of the highly visited facilities among Las Vegas casino online is run and operated by longtime gaming giants MGM Resorts Intl. It has been said that the facility got a name from a sword regarded mythical by King Arthur. However, later the name was changed evidently to forget the ‘mythical’ thing.

The magnificent building in which the casino rests has a castle shape, perhaps which is one of the reasons why many people still regard it as a reputable gaming facility. The typical yet strategic Boulevard-Tropicana interception gives Excalibur Las Vegas Casino mileage against several neighboring Nevada casinos.

About The Excalibur

Besides, the friendly atmosphere can be witnessed by the overhead pedestrian paths that link the casino with other neighboring resorts incased a visitor wants to connect with ease.

It is even intriguing to note that a tram, which is free links the facility with another resort that is owned and run by the same operator. Using the free tram, you can reach MGM Resorts International, Mandalay Bay, as well as Luxor without any difficulty.

Excalibur Las Vegas Nevada Casino Reviews | Excalibur Hotel

A Rich History

The Excalibur Las Vegas Casino has a rich history that dates back to the 1970s. To be precise, the history points to 1975, the year, which the land that is the current position of the resort was demarcate for another gaming facility.

Yes, the developer fails to reach into an agreement. Ultimately, they have a conflict with the hosting municipality, Xanadu Resort. As a result, this was not complete. However, If the deal went through, it would have been nice. Imagine, the Xanadu Resort as the first mega gaming resorts with some 1, 730 rooms.

The Mid 1990’s

Things however changed for better in mid-1990 when Excalibur Las Vegas was built. In fact, it went into history books as the world’s biggest hotel boasting some 4, 000 guest rooms. These many rooms covered approximately 70 acres. Thanks to technology and fight for prominence, some 26 years later, other developments would trounce Excalibur Resort from the world’s number one gaming resort with many hotel rooms. If you want to gamble online, check out our Rich Palms casino review.

A Significant Hotel With A Megabucks Jackpot

Still, Excalibur Resort holds a major position in Las Vegas and in the world at number 7 and 11 respectively. It should be remembered that MGM Resorts International acquired the property back in 2005 and is running this humongous world gaming facility. Something worth knowing for anybody interested in gaming is that it is inside Excalibur Resort that Josh Ford hit a $39.7 million megabucks jackpot on March 2003.

The Excalibur Las Vegas Facility

Indeed, the resort has approximately 100, 000 sq ft. Also, you will find over 1, 200 gaming machines. If you like to swim, you are in luck. Furthermore, there is also a new pool area. Interestingly, this resort renovates this pool area. Now this area is slightly over 13, 000 sq ft. Even if you don’t like to swim, you can have a great time. Let’s discuss the spas. Yes, there are several spas! In these spas, you will find salons. However, you may want to head to the Octane Lounge. Once you are there, you will have an array of live music at the end of each week. Remember, get candid information by visiting www.excalibur.com.

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