Lowering Gambling Age In Nevada Encounters Strong Opposition In Silver State

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Lowering Gambling Age In Nevada Encounters Strong Opposition In Silver State

Efforts to lower the age of those interested in gambling in Nevada is proofing hard after meeting severe opposition in Silvers state. Check out the article What Is The Legal Age To Gamble In Las Vegas Nevada?

For over 70 years, the legal age for gambling in the state has been 21; something that Jim Wheeler feels should be changed.

However, according to many observers who seem to understand the acts of those who spend most of their time gambling believe that there will be a problem if Wheeler’s suggestion is approved.

They believe that if the bill to lower the age is passed the way it is, without touching or lowering the drinking age, will in itself bring more harm than good.

Many people who practice gambling drink thus by lowering the age of gambling, it would mean that the youth who the society consider young for drinking, will be lured to drinking.

Besides, many resorts make real money casino gambling sites profits from selling liquor to those who check in their resorts to play their favorite games.

It would be difficult to allow a 18-year old into the gaming floor to only play their favorite game but not to sell to them. While it is possible to do so, there will be challenges in creating the balance.

According to Jim, there is no reason at all to bar an 18-year old youth from gambling. He argues, “How possible is it that this youth is allowed to be a soldier in a foreign land such as Iraq or Afghanistan, but cannot maturely place a bet in Nevada or anywhere else in the U.S.?”

He further asserted that there are many things the American youth of 18 can legitimately do. In fact, he said that the nation depends on such people on many things.

“In my opinion, if you can be able to fight, if you have been allowed by your state or federal law to drink, or even cast a vote, then you can also gamble,” Jim said.

However, Jim’s words do not impress everybody. In Silver State, for instance, the bill got intense criticism.

Dr. Robert Hunter, the founder of LV Problem Gambling Center said that if Wheeler’s concept is agreed and let to work, that would be like taking an already risk group into a risky zone and exposing them to extremely risky activities that are new to them.

On what seems to be a conceding spirit, the founder of the bill, Wheeler, agreed that although he took most of his valuable time to come up with the bill, there are high chances that it has gone far than he thought.

He agreed, “This bill might not go far.”

Perhaps, Jim remembered what happened to a bill with similar projections that was drafted in 2008. Sadly, it did not see the light of the day.

According to some legislators who were there, including Wheeler, concede that it did not even make it to the floor for deliberations.

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