BitStarz Casino Incorporates A Metamask So Players Can Make Seamless Ethereum Deposits

BitStarz Casino Incorporates A Metamask So Players Can Make Seamless Ethereum Deposits

Recently, BitStarz casino says they are Incorporating a Metamask so you, the player can make Seamless Ethereum deposits. If that wasn’t enough, BitStarz has something remarkable to share with you! MetaMask can now be used to deposit Ethereum into your BitStarz account, making the whole process of adding this cryptocurrency even simpler.Sign up through for your Bitstarz casino no deposit bonus to claim the biggest bonuses with free spins and chips.

Bitstarz is one of many online casinos that have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but it is more popular and accepted by more companies than bitcoin. They have been accepting ETH for some time, now they are incorporating, MetaMask, which is a crypto gateway and wallet to blockchain apps.

Before we tell you more about MetaMask, we want to begin with some 2021 highlights!

There has been a lot of talk about the Metaverse this year and Non-Fungable Tokens (NFT’s). However, do you know what a MetaMask is? Now, Ethereum deposits at BitStarz have become even easier, as we’ve integrated MetaMask into the platform. Simply connect your wallet to BitStarz and it’s that simple!

If you have no idea what Metamask is, and, no, it’s not Mark Zuckerberg’s superhero alter ego), we will dive deeper into this.


What Is A MetaMask?

The MetaMask Bitcoin Wallet is a browser extension or mobile app that allows you to access your ETH wallet through it. They had 10.35 million active users in August 2021, so they must be doing something good.

Once you have your MetaMask account, you can buy Ethereum with your debit card or Apple Pay. Then transfer it to BitStarz. It’s easy!

Oh, they’re not a one-trick pony by any means. Before we get into that, we need to emphasize the fact that the amazingness is largely due to the wonders of Ethereum itself. ETH isn’t the only cryptocurrency we accept at BitStarz; it also offers a slew of additional features and applications that go beyond online casino gaming.

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that runs on blockchain technology and is the most common platform for creating and buying NFTs. It uses smart contracts, which are used in alternative reality-type environments such as Decentraland’s Ethereum-based metaverse, and it’s the most popular crypto when it comes to purchasing or creating NFTs.

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Why Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Are All The Hype Right Now

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are all the rage these days. These tokens have taken the artistic world by storm because they’re used to prove ownership and can’t be counterfeited. If you’re a bloke called Vignesh Sundaresan, it’s just as well. This year, he spent $69.3 million on Beeple’s Everydays: the First 5000 Days, which is an NFT artwork. PS. OpenSea is a good place to buy or trade NFTs; it also works with MetaMask.

Having a MetaMask account gives you access to a diverse range of exciting capabilities and advantages, such as depositing ETH at BitStarz.

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How To Set Up A MetaMask account?

It couldn’t be simpler! Let’s use the Chrome browser as an illustration since many users use their laptops, PCs, and mobile devices. The first step is to download the extension from this page. After that, you’ll have the option of downloading for Chrome, iOS, or Android.

Now, let’s select Chrome. You’ll now be shown a page where you must check the box labeled “Add to Chrome” on the right-hand side.

After that, you’ll be sent to a page where you can reactivate an existing account or establish a new one. In this scenario, we’ll go with establishing a new account. You’ll next need to come up with a password. Also, do not use “Bitcoins123” for your password.

Following that, you’ll be shown a video explaining what a secret recovery phrase is and why it’s vital. Then you’ll see your own phrase, which you must click on the darkened box to reveal the 12 words. This is the password to your account, so anyone who gets their hands on it has access to all of your money!

After you’ve created your wallet, you’ll need to corroborate your secret recovery phrase. Click “Confirm” and you’ll be finished. Your new MetaMask account will appear on the next page!

When it comes to getting ether into your BitStarz account, there are two options. If you’re on our homepage, scroll down a bit till you see “Need crypto, buy with a card.”

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Buy Crypto

A pop-up window will appear if you hit “Buy crypto.” Choose “Deposit ETH” and fill in the amount. Instead, click the “Transfer” button on the top right of your BitStarz screen. Fill in the quantity of ETH you want to send, if any, then choose “Play with…”

To pay with MetaMask, open the pop-up window and scroll down. A blue bar labeled “Pay with MetaMask” will be at the bottom of the pop-up window. Select this option. This will bring up your MetaMask account window. Also, save your private deposit address to your phone’s address book for convenience.

The amount to be transferred, the equivalent in fiat money, transaction costs, and so on will all be shown. If you’re satisfied with everything, confirm it and you’re set!

Safe Online Gambling

Is Metamask Safe?

The Cryptonite security plugin for MetaMask offers a decent level of safety for its users. First and foremost, it never keeps your wallet information on its own servers.It’s stored on the internet, but MetaMask never has access to it. However, a competent hacker may discover the encrypted file on your side.

How To

How To Buy BNB On metamask?

Yes, you can send BNB Coin to your Binance Smart Chain on MetaMask. Go to Binance, open your wallet. Choose BNB. Press withdraw. Then you can open MetaMask and start trading! In the address field, paste the address you copied from MetaMask. Binance will request confirmation. You should receive a confirmation for withdrawal on the next screen.



You can now use a MetaMask to make it simpler than ever to deposit ETH on BitStarz. Continue reading our online gambling guides for more advice and methods on how to improve your online gambling experience! This is a win-win situation for BitStarz, as it will make the process of depositing Ethereum even simpler by using MetaMask. They are also able to accept ETH deposits now and use them in their casino games! If you want to sign up for exclusive no deposit bonuses through or any other site that accepts crypto, go ahead and do so with ease at this point thanks to MetaMask integration.

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BitStarz Casino Incorporates A Metamask So Players Can Make Seamless Ethereum Deposits
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BitStarz Casino Incorporates A Metamask So Players Can Make Seamless Ethereum Deposits
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