Research Shows that Over 50 Percent of the World Gambles

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Research Shows that Over 50 Percent of the World Gambles | Gambling News

Real money gambling is a multi-billion-dollar industry on a global scale and growing in size every single year. The range and scope of land-based casinos is a big part of the pie, but the continued expansion of online casinos is one of the main drivers behind this growth.

According to a recent post on as a Berkshire Hathaway Company, a recent study by has estimated that 51 percent of the world’s population will participate in some form of gambling every year. This is a pretty broad statement considering all the possible activities that could be considered a form of gambling. However, it does help to bring into focus just how big the global online casino gambling industry really is.

What Research Shows That Over 50 Percent of the World Gambles?

This report describes online gambling the ‘biggest phenomenon’ in recent years. This has been fed by the overall growth of internet access, but it also feeds a burning need to play online casino-style games from the convenience of any device that has access to the internet.

There are vast differences in how countries around the world deal with online gambling, starting with outright bans and expanding to a very favorable business environment that promotes online casinos to enhance tax revenue. Regulatory and governing bodies also vary greatly from one country to the next. However, the overall trend has been the rapid expansion of the online casino gambling industry on a global scale.

Educating the consumer has also been a driving factor in this unprecedented growth. There is a certain level of intimidation that is inherent to something new, but the online casino industry has done a great job of breaking down the barriers to make their games of chance enticing to entry-level consumers. There is an endless number of options when it comes to gambling online, which can also increase the level of intimidation for even the most seasoned online gambler. This is another area where the online casino industry has done an excellent job of educating the consumer.

Comprehensive guide towards helping online gamblers find the best online casinos

One Internet betting site that was mentioned by name in this report was It is described as an online directory that is designed to be a comprehensive guide towards helping online gamblers find the best online casinos in terms of safety, secure online play, anti-spam features, and overall value. The top listings have proven themselves to be tested and trustworthy across a wide spectrum of the world market for real money gambling.
Research Shows that Over 50 Percent of the World Gambles | Gambling News
The name of the actual report resulting from the market study by was entitled “Analyzing the Global Online Gaming Industry 2018.” The list of the companies included in this study reads like the Who’s Who of the online gambling industry.

Paddy Power Betfair and William Hill are sports betting industry giants that are both based out of the United Kingdom. They have recently expanded their business operations into the US as part of partnerships to expand legal sports betting on a state by state basis. A few other prominent names on the list would be Playtech Netplay TV and Zynga as software development giants in the online gaming industry.

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