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The Downs At Carbondale OTW

If you are a gambler who feels much better when you enjoy your game alone or with a small number of friends from an exclusive place, do not look further. The place you need is The Downs At Carbondale OTW. Find The Downs At Carbondale OTW at 15 Fleetwood Road in Carbondale Pennsylvania. This facility seemingly among the smallest casino resorts in the Pennsylvania casino industry is owned and operated by a native group.  Thankfully, it is open to all that are truly gaming enthusiasts offering them enough parking space as well hotel rooms and the Downs at Carbondale Dining.

It is a good thing to say that the best casino in Pennsylvania industry gives gamers all the possible alternatives to enjoy various games from some facilities in the entire region. So, every time, you do not need to look up at significant facilities in Pennsylvania casino industry. Yes, at The Downs At Carbondale OTW you will get the gaming experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

Such games include harness racing, thoroughbred, as well as tracks that are offered throughout the day and the night! You will be surprised to see the amount of parking space that is available in The Downs At Carbondale OTW. Besides, there is a sports bar that will serve you both cold and warm drinks, a restaurant and you will also find handicapping tournaments among many other exciting online casino games.


The Downs at Carbondale OTW is indeed a small yet ideal and vibrant venue that will no doubt give you a chance to enjoy some gaming activities.

It is true that you’ll not find as many games like those offered by other facilities in the Pennsylvania casino industry, but trust you me, that the available gaming equipment is a clear indication that the experience is out of this world. For instance, inside the gaming floor, there are giant screens that give players a beautiful view of harness racing and finest thoroughbred from all other parts of the continent.

There is another thing that you will find appealing in this facility. For instance, did you also know that you do not need to be a professional handicapper for you to enjoy the fun that comes with handicapping thoroughly?The Downs At Carbondale OTW | Horse Racing Betting Online
You merely need to pick a track that will enable you to watch horses race from several horse tracks across the world. For you to land on bigger prizes, you need to bet on combinations that you believe will enable you to get your hands on the most prominent prize. The notable games offered in The Downs At Carbondale OTW are:

• Off-track betting
• Simulcasting

If you need more information or would like to book a table at The Downs At Carbondale OTW, you can do so by calling (570) 281-9455. Alternatively, you can visit Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs for more comprehensive and regularly updated information.

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Penny Cleopatra

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