Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin Review

It is reasonable that at times you feel like walking down the street to enjoy some game. Drive To Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin. Trust you me, you aren’t the only one feeling so. Somebody somewhere feels exactly the same.
Normally, whenever such a feeling erupts, you always find a way. Yes, you should strive to quench your gaming thirst. That is what we’re trying to give you.

We’re solely interested in making you happy. True happiness, as you well know, comes when your feelings have been met. That is why we are offering you a place.

At the Lady Luck Nemacolin, one of the reputable Pennsylvania casinos, you’ll find a true place to enjoy your games. Whatever games you may have in mind, you’ll find all of them here.

There is more than gaming in this facility. You will find eateries and restaurants, social amenities and a place to sleep in the end. But where can you find Lady Luck Nemacolin?

This gaming facility is located at 4067 National Pike, in Farmington, Pennsylvania. Whether you are using Google maps or driving on the road, you’ll realize that it is easy to locate the facility.

Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin Facts

• Number of table games – 28.
• Gaming machines inside lady Luck Casino – 600.
• Minimum bet amount – $0.01.
• The casino is open 24/7.
• There is plenty of self-parking space.
• Valet is also available.
• The casino space is 26, 106 square feet.
Apart from these casinos in PA and their parking space that is available, there are amenities. Some of these social amenities are never found elsewhere in the world. Here are some that you are likely to encounter:
• Woodlands spa.
• Mystic Rock & The Links.
• Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

Hotel rates at the Nemacolin Woodlands start from $189.00 to $299.00.
You will realize that in as much as you have a burning thirst for gaming, you need to eat. Yes, the truth is that you can’t play games while your belly is empty.
If that it is okay with you, there are eateries and restaurants to dine from. The beauty is that these restaurants remain open 24/7. This is because they want to serve you delicious meals.

Lady Luck Restaurants

It is true that there aren’t many dining options here. But the two restaurants serve clients quality meals. Interestingly, you will find ready meals. But if you want your favorite meals prepared, there is no worry.
The other thing worth knowing about the two restaurants is that they are run by qualified investors. With that in mind, you should be rest assured that quality is key.
Here are the two restaurants:
• Otis & Henry’s Bar and Grill
• The Lone Wolf
This facility was opened to the public in July 1, 2013. Much of the construction and development work especially the amenities was done by Isle of Capri Casinos. The investor used around $60 million to put up the facilities.
Although a bigger section of the casino is in operation 24/7, table games only operate for some hours. Table games are available 10:00am to 3:00am daily.

Lady Luck Casino Gaming Facts

Some of the games you expect to find are:
• Roulette.
• Slot Machines.
• Mississippi Stud.
• 3 Card Poker.
• Video Poker.
4 Card Poker.
For more information call or visit (800) 523-9582 and respectively.

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