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Blue Grass Bingo Reviews

Located in 2417 Welsh Road Philadelphia in the great USA, the Blue Grass Bingo has become to be known as one of Philadelphia’s most famous known casinos. Its location is conveniently placed within the Bluegrass shopping center.

Blue Grass Bingo Opening Hours

The casino opens on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am. One can play all the way till 10:00 pm when the casino closes up for the day. That means you get nearly 10 hours to play and cash it big at casinos in pennsylvania with hotels.

There is self-service parking offered to the revelers. This has been found to be convenient. Also, there are Philadelphia hotels on the premises. Food is on offer in the hotels so you can take a break to enjoy a meal.

The Blue Grass Bingo offers you a wide variety of bingo games to suit your mood and pockets. You can and pick and win at a new game every day. There also frequent special promotions to sweeten the deal and make the games even better. The Blue Grass Bingo specializes in the game that starts every hour. You are never too late and catch a new game at any time. The jackpots also keep increasing.

All you need to bring is yourself and a winning attitude; they supply everything you need to play including boards, chips, and wands. Here is what you need to know about Bingo, information is indeed power and this will make it easier and better armed when enjoying bingo games.

Learn About More Philadelphia Casino Games

Bingo is a chance game whereby every player matches numbers printed initially in varying arrangements on five by five cards. The game hosts randomly draw a card, marks the selected numbers with tiles. If the chosen cards are arranged in a player’s cards in a row, they then call out Bingo to alert the rest of the players on the winning card. This then will prompt the game host to check card for a varication win.

First of all, the players compete against themselves. As a result, the person with the best winning arrangement takes home the ultimate prize. A winner is declared, players clear their numbers. After that, a new round is set to begin. There are different game methods which increase participation by creating excitement. Now that you are fully equipped with all this crucial information about bingo, wouldn’t you like to give gaming at bluegrass a try? News, after all, is power, and you are sure to have a great time at it.Blue Grass Bingo Reviews | Search Philadelphia Casino Online
With the blaring red Bingo sign on the brick wall, it is nearly impossible to miss Blue Grass Bingo. The brick building is right at the center of East Roosevelt Blvd. To get to know more about the resort, follow them on Facebook. This will also give you a chance to keep yourself updated on all the special promotions, progressive jackpots as well as lunch and dinner offerings.

There are promotions for almost every special occasion. You could as well pop balloons for free prizes or win hundreds of dollars in free games. Plinko is, even more, fun on Sundays.

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Jack Gold

Jack Goldstone grew up in Poland in a very small and Suburban town until he was 7 years old when his family migrated to San Francisco, California where his grandparents lived.  He spent a lot of time with his grandfather, who taught him how to play poker when he was very young.  Having a fascination with video games and their graphics, he enjoyed poker and always thought on how he could use his skills for video games. In high school, Jack and his friends would spend hours playing Nintendo and Sega Genesis. He began to ask his friends if they would like to place a wager on the outcome of the game (and this was way before esports betting). He felt it made the games even more exciting and eventually taught his friends how to play poker. Jack put his himself through San Francisco State University by playing in poker tournaments in the San Fransisco area. While he was a junior in 2015, he joined to cover poker news and eventually started to cover the entire igaming industry. Since then, Jack has graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in finance and began to start his career trading stocks and continuing to work at In Jack's free time, he likes to cook (specifically grill), play paintball, and wine tasting.

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