Rivers Casino Gets Robbed For 40K? Find Out What Happens To The Robber?

Rivers Casino Illinois Review

Rivers Casino Gets Robbed For 40K Find Out What Happens To The Robber

Last Tuesday, a man was robbed at gunpoint in the parking garage of the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Illinois. The robbery took place in the early morning while the victim was leaving the establishment with around $40,000 in casino winnings.

Casino’s Guest Robbed at Gunpoint

At the moment, the authorities are still in the process of investigating Tuesday’s robbery. According to the police, two individuals were waiting for the victim in the parking garage.

They were both hiding inside a dark-colored vehicle with bandanas covering their faces. Once the 34-year- old victim entered the garage, the vehicle pulled up to him and robbers pointed guns at the man’s face. As he was held at a gunpoint, the robbers demanded that he hands over his casino winnings, about $40,000 in cash.

The victim’s name is Cordero Supe, and he’s a regular visitor at the casino. Originally from Chicago, Supe now lives in Arizona. On Facebook, he’s known as “Mentor Millionaire” and has plenty of followers who were all glad to hear that he was OK after the robbery.

Talking to the media, he said that, as soon as he walked into the garage, he was attacked by two young men driving the four-door sedan. They jumped out of the car with guns and demanded that he hands over all the money he had on him. In addition, robbers took phone and car keys which belonged to his cousin.

However, Supe had a second phone on him and managed to take a picture of the car as the robbers drove away. He passed the picture to the police.

Supe claims that he’s a frequent visitor and black card member at the Rivers Casino in Illinois. According to his statement to the media, he has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at the local casino near Illinois. He regrets not having the casino cut him a check instead of being paid out in cash.

Furthermore, Supe feels that he should have asked the casino to provide him with an escort to his car. During the night, he noticed a woman who was by his side as he was gambling. The robbery victim said that she knew exactly how much he had won and suspects that it was her that tipped off the robbers.

Casino Fully Cooperates with the Investigation

A spokesperson for the casino said that they are fully cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation.

They’ve already handed over the surveillance camera footage to the police. In a statement released to the media, the casino officials noted that they regret the incident on Tuesday morning involving one of their patrons and thank the first responders for their immediate reaction.

They further say that the safety of their guests and staff is the top priority for the casino. Following recent events, they have significantly increased the outside patrols and improved the additional surveillance measures.

This is the second time that Rivers Casino’s guests were targeted by robbers in just a few months. Back in August, armed men robbed three of the casino’s customers in another incident on the casino’s parking lot.

Source: Man robbed of $40K after leaving Rivers Casino From wgntv.com.

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