Hollywood Casino In West Virginia To Record Low Revenue Collection Amid Fierce Competition

West Virginia Casinos Gambling

West Virginia Casinos Gambling
Many gamblers who checked in at Hollywood Casino would relate how they felt when playing their favorite games from the resort, which was one of the best during their time. Apart from gambling, this casino in Charles Town Races offered the best racing alternatives to all D.C residents who would flock in whenever they wanted.

Now, things have changed, perhaps for the worst. Now than any other time in history, there are many gaming resorts that make real money casino gambling sites a matter to many who live in Maryland and environs.

Many believe that with the establishment of MGM National Harbor and a few other gaming complexes, Hollywood Casino is likely to lose many customers who used to fill the gaming floor because it was the sole gaming center at the time, making real money.

In just a fortnight after National Harbor opened its doors to the public, the effects were evident at Hollywood Casino. During that time, says West Virginia Lottery, revenue collection from the video lottery sector at the club went drastically dropped from approximately $670, 000 to a merger $214, 000. If things continue this way, there is likelihood that the resort will collect nothing at the end of the day.

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However, in what seemed to be talking tough on the matter, Hollywood’s Public Affairs Senior Vice President Eric Schippers says that they knew this was going to happen thus were prepared for the worst.

“We were well prepared for this. For the last couple of years, our team has been tirelessly working towards reinvesting in other areas that would boost our revenue and remain competitive. All that time, we established a new hotel, added modern entertainment that include top performers, refurbished offerings at our online slot machines, increased needed amenities that carter for our guests of Asian origin, and put up new restaurants for our ever-increasing clients,” Schippers said.

Although the Senior Vice President concedes that they have lost some hundreds of dollars because of the new establishment in their neighborhood, he maintains that there will be no changes to their staff.

“Looking forward to 2017, there will be an even stiffer competition from our competitors in the industry, but we are focused. The approximately 20% drop does not mean that we lay off part of our staff. We will remain with our staff and still maintain the spirit,” Eric said.

Over the years, Hollywood has had to adjust following the opening of other complexes and West Virginia online casinos that offer gambling and other gaming services.

As to whether there are strategies to market the casino, Eric did not talk about the matter. However, it is evident that Hollywood is seeking to take a different shape from the rest of the gaming resorts in its neighborhood.

It is likely that Hollywood would now focus on racing, dining and various forms of great entertainment to stay afloat.


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