Cheung Yin Sun Was On A Revenge Mission On Borgata Casino

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Kelly Cheung Sun, who was ordered alongside her friend Phil Ivey, to return the money, which was earned through cheating, was on a revenge mission?  The deal went good for the two back in 2012 when they earned a whopping $10.1 million. However, just last week, the judge ordered the two to return the money.

It has emerged that Ms. Sun was actually on a revenge mission that sought to punish Borgata using the baccarat edge-sorting at a time half of Borgata’s shares belonged to MGM Resorts. However, nearly seven months ago, MGM’s shares went up by another half in 2016 hitting 100%, when the resort purchased Boyd Gaming.

Exactly seven days after Queen of Sorts, another name for Ms. Sun, and her accomplice Phil Ivey was ordered to repay the money they illegally won, stories have emerged telling the truth on what transpired.

John Brennan on an interesting article on North Jersey, an online journal, indicated that Sun was once taken to prison by MGM for owing the resort huge amounts of money.

On the paper where Ms. Sun is the interviewee, she narrates how she made real money casino gambling sites suffer, one of which was MGM. When she was taken to prison because of the debt, she vowed to revenge.

Therefore, the target on Borgata was only because MGM had a half of the shares.

Before and after Ms. Sun was taken to prison, she is known to be an edge-sorting prowess in all gaming sites, making real money. She won real money in almost all casinos she walked into, thus gaining the stature Queen of Sorts. Besides, she has retained Phil Ivey to be her personal friend and ‘business’ associate.

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The Real Cheung Yin Sun

Ms. Sun, who is now approximated to be in her 40s, has a history of gambling for money and for leisure. Her father was an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, who put his money in manufacturing.

A couple of years ago Sun spent $20 million, which belonged to her father in gambling. The money was lost never to be recovered. It is said of her that she really does not care if she lost all the money in a game she loves.

By the time MGM took Sun to jail, she owed them $93, 000. To Ms. Sun, this was not enough money to send somebody to jail. In fact, she once said, “The amount is trifling.”

In a recent interview with the press, Ms. Sun said, “I did not spend much time in jail because I was there for 3 weeks. But what I saw, was terrible. The prison guards were not kind to me because they couldn’t allow me to put on my own underwear, and I was beaten by women. I also lost my 25 pounds. Because of that, I told myself that when I am out, I will refund my money from MGM.”

After Prison

After a relative helped her out of prison, Sun spent 4 years to perfect edge-sorting. That is how she attained to name ‘Queen of Sorts’ because of her prowess, which made her realize the cards’ vulnerability.

Jack Gold

Jack Gold

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