Texas Slot Machine Winner Doubles Down To Win $45,000

Texas Slot Machine Winner Doubles Down To Win $45,000 | Casino News

Did you hear about the winner from Texas that doubled down and won $45,000 at Miami Club casino? The online slot machine winner is a fearless Texan Tycoon! Do you know what the colors on the Texas state flag stand for? The colors stand for purity, loyalty, and bravery. Gerry M from Texas has these traits and uses them to win $45,000 at Miami Club casino.

When Did The Texas Slot Machine Winner Doubles Down To Win $45,000?

The name of the online slot machine player from Texas is Gerry M. Above all, on May 3, 2018, he uses purity, loyalty, and bravery on May 3, 2018, to win forty-five thousand dollars! Gerry M is from Dallas Texas and just opened up his Miami Club casino account in March 2018. Winning forty-five thousand dollars isn’t too bad after two months, right?

Focused On Playing Progressive Jackpot Games From WGS

Gerry started to focus on playing progressive jackpot games as WGS games are new to him. Above all, this was the first time Gerry played WGS games when he opened his Miami Club casino account. He was playing Mega-Money Mine slots for real money using Bitcoins. Above all, he felt he needed a change.

Moving From The Mega-Money Mine Slot Machine To Ultimate 10X Slots

Gerry from Texas was not having luck playing the Mega-Money Mine slots for real money. He decided to play switch to the Ultimate 10X slot machine. Furthermore, this three reel electronic gambling machine has a fifteen dollar maximum bet. As a result, Gerry from Dallas Texas decided to place forty bets on the Ultimate 10X slot machine. He only had four hundred dollars left in his Miami Club casino account.

Gery From Dallas Texas Shows You How To Turn $400 Into $45,000

Gerry from Dallas Texas was frustrated playing Mega-Money Mine slots for real money and the Ultimate 10X slot machine with Bitcoins. He decided to spin the reels another time. As a result, on his forty-first spin, he hit two ’10X WILD’ symbols. Also, there is a multiplier attached to this electronic gambling machine. This enabled him to win $22,500 from a two hundred twenty-five dollar bet.

Ultimate 10X Slots Offers Gamblers The Chance To Bet Big And Win Big

The Ultimate 10X slot machine has incredible multipliers plus a gamble feature. This Texan tycoon his the gamble feature and doubled his $22,500 win into $45,000!

Texas Slot Machine Winner Doubles Down To Win $45,000 | Casino News

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What Is The Texas Slot Machine Winner Going To Do With His $45,000 Winnings?

Linda Hernandez from Miami Club casino has a few things to say about the lucky online slot machine winner. Above all, she says ‘It takes some nerve to stake that kind of wager on a double or nothing, we don’t see that very often.’ She went onto say ‘That’s the type of moment where you wish there were a way to have everyone stand around and collectively hold their breath… then cheer when the result is positive!” We do not know what Jerry From Texas is going to do with his Miami Club casino winnings.

Indeed, Linda interviewed Gerry about his forty-five thousand dollar win. As a result, she found Gerry from Dallas Texas very relaxed. He mentioned “Sure there were a few seconds when time stopped, waiting for the wheel to stop spinning. I knew there was a lot on the line but the way I look at it, it’s not my money, it’s the house money. If it works, it works, and I’ve had a good day. If it doesn’t, I just don’t tell anyone! Fortunately, this was my day! I’ll take out some and keep playing; this place has been good for me so far!” Also, we want to remind you that Miami Club casino is having their bonus promotion for the City Of Gold slot machine until May 31, 2018.


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