Relaxing Games Expands Into the French Gaming Market

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Gaming companies all over the globe have been seizing the opportunity to expand its presence across the entire market. Specialty agreements and partnerships continue to be forged to successfully execute these aggressive expansion plans. On the final day of February, one of the rising stars in the gaming industry broke the news of its expansion into France.

When Will Relaxing Games Expand Into the French Gaming Market?

As posted on the company website, Relax Gaming announced its plans for entering the French gaming market. The Malta-based company has already earns a reputation as a new-breed game and platform supplier. In business for just five years, it has positioned itself as a legitimate player. Led by an award-winning poker product, Relax Gaming will partner with Kindred to expand into France by Q2 of 2019. It has already has an established relationship with Kindred as a long-term customer.

This will be the first expansion of any gaming initiative into France over the past few years. Relax Gaming has plans to launch its full poker-offering. This dynamic product has bucked the market trends with continuous growth in the company’s five-year run.

Daniel Eskola is the CEO at Relax Gaming. He put this new agreement with Kindred into perspective. This perspective was communicated in terms of what it means for such an important casinos in France for his company. This move has the ability to demonstrate the potential of the award-winning poker platform. It can also serve as a working model for future expansion markets.

In a direct quote about casinos in France in the Relaxing Games release, he states.

“We remain committed to the continued delivery of superior quality products to Kindred. But we’re opening the door for product growth further down the line by adding more operators and jurisdictions as demand dictates. Poker has and remains a core product for us and one we know we do well.”

Going back to last December, Relax Gaming released HexaPro as a new poker product. This game format allows a player to win 1,000 times their stake in a matter of minutes. They only face two opponents to add even more excitement to the pace of play. This format has already become extremely popular in existing markets. It should be well received in France where players have already embraced this game variant.

Relax Gaming COO Martin Stalros is also quoted in the release. He added:

“Indeed, we gain success with this product. Also, in many of Kindred’s other markets already. Furthermore, I’m very happy to give the opportunity to even more poker players. Ultimately, this opportunity allows the chance to enjoy the Relaxing Games poker experience. While we build a foundation to be fun, we also make them fair and exciting.”

Most importantly, the company builds its early success with a portfolio of more than 280 games. The commercial terms are completely transparent to add to their appeal. As a direct result of these efforts, Relax Gaming dramatically expands its global presence over the past 12 months. Also, new deals and strategic agreements fuel the growth. Many of these moves involve some of the top operators, suppliers, and platforms in the gaming industry.

• Source: Relax Gaming celebrates 5 years of Poker Success with French market entry From On February 28, 2019.

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Relaxing Games Expands Into the French Gaming Market
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Relaxing Games Expands Into the French Gaming Market
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