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Welcome to the Relax Gaming software review. If someone gives you the authority to choose a name for an online casino software company, will you? If you will, what name will you choose? Will you make Relax Gaming one of the names? Many people feel that there is no action when talking about Relax Gaming. It is true that the name suggests so. But there is no relaxing.

Learn About The Relax Gaming Software Solutions

The gaming provider designs games that will give you super entertainment. Perhaps, the relaxing thing here is the result. You will feel that you enjoy your game in the end. You will finally relax. This gaming software provider has its base in Europe. The company has staff from across many countries. Also, this means the e-gaming software provider is multinational.

Relax Gaming


Located In Sweden, the UK, Finland, Spain and Malta

There is nothing easy and smooth here. The provider is full of action. RG’s site shows that it has experts from Sweden, The United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, and Malta. This casino wagering producer is looking for more experts. On the company’s website, the company is looking for more people. But it is not looking for people without skills. In fact, the software solutions provider is specific.

HTML5/Java Game Developers

From the website, you can tell this. For now, the company needs 2D and 3D artists. It is also in need of HTML5/Java game developer. If you are a UI/UX designer, you can also apply. Oh! This casino software supplier is also in need of a Fraud Prevention Scientist. This software company seems to give wagering a soft and welcoming approach. Because of this, it is easy to play its games.

The Founders Met In A Pub In Malta

Stepping into the market for this company is fun. The founders met in a pub in Malta. Above all, this is possibly one nice and cool evening. The two guys exchange their love for innovativeness and interest in gaming. Shortly afterward, the two decide to start a casino betting software supplier in 2010.

These two guys agree that they will start a gaming company. The aim for this is to bring change. The founders feel that wagering looks stricter, more professional. This is what they intend to change using Relax Gaming. For the past 6 years or so, Relax is trying to make punters happy. The developer is using different approaches.

3 Generations Of Poker

For now, this gaming software supplier has 3 generations of online poker. There are also two bingo products on the list. The software producer is currently working on a slot machine solution. The company says that once out, it will be like no other. Anybody who knows when this wagering software producer is starting will say a lot. For now, the company is more than seven times when it starts.

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You can find many Relax Gaming slots in major casinos.

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When it comes to gaming software and wagering solutions the company leads. Other things include back-end management systems and several games. On these high-end services, the software developer is number one.

For now, games from this gaming supplier are in high-profile sites. You can find the games and play them. The supplier’s games are for free and for real money. Here are three examples of the company’s games. Note that these games are just a small number. Top

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