Quickspin Takes Players On A Jungle Adventure With Panther’s Reign Slots Game

Quickspin Takes Players On A Jungle Adventure With Panther’s Reign Slots Game

Many of the top gaming content developers love to use a jungle as a slot game’s central theme. It has been the setting for a countless number of titles in the past. There is a strong chance that a jungle is the setting for a number of slot games in the future.

Ultimately, the players themselves will decide which of these jungle games make the grade and which ones come up short. After reading about Quickspin’s new jungle slot at their official website, this one should go right to the top of the class.

See How Quickspin Is Taking It’s Players on Its Own Jungle Adventure

The title of the latest Quickspin release is called Panther’s Reign. The game recently went live on March 10. It has been described as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the Amazon.’ The background is lush and vibrant.

This paradise is enhanced by engaging graphics and captivating sound. Players can immerse themselves in a setting that includes a flowing river, exotic birds and a gentle breeze. The parrots are beyond colorful. Playful monkeys can be found in the lush jungle fauna. Shiny gemstones line the walking paths. The king of many jungles is a lion. However, this jungle stands out with an elusive black panther calling all the shots.

The game’s format offers a five by four reel design with 50 paylines. Panther’s Reign offers high volatility for players looking for non-stop action. Thrilling game mechanics also ramp up the overall level of excitement. Not for the faint of heart, this is one wild adventure from start to finish.

There are three primary features that should appeal to all players:

  1. Wild Spray
  2. Respins
  3. Free Spins

The Wild Spray feature places from three to 10 random wilds on the reels. There is a lock-on-win Respin feature in the Free Spins bonus. All three come together perfectly to make the gameplay experience even more exciting.

Game symbols include exotic jungle animals, colorful birds and gems shaped like the suits in a deck of cards. The Black Panther himself is tied to lucrative wins throughout the game.

Quickspin has been shaking up the gaming world with its highly entertaining game portfolio for close to a decade. The Swedish gaming company was founded in 2011 by a trio of designers. They wanted to create the kind of games they wanted to play themselves. The goal was to fill that existing void in the marketplace.

By the time 2016 rolled around, this trio caught the attention of gaming giant Playtech as the new parent company. Left to still do its own thing, Quickspin has grown to employ close to 100 gaming professionals. This group represents 29 different countries around the world. Offices are now located in Stockholm, Malta, and Kiev. It has been quite a ride for those three enthusiastic slot players over the past nine years.

Panther’s Reign has gotten 2020 off to fast start along with Wild Cauldron as another highly touted new release. These two new titles join a total list that now offers 60 different slot games.

• Source: Panther’s Reign From Quickspin.com On March 10, 2020.

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Quickspin Takes Players On A Jungle Adventure With Panther’s Reign Slots Game
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Quickspin Takes Players On A Jungle Adventure With Panther’s Reign Slots Game
Join Quickspin Casino Software As They Take Players On A Jungle Adventure With Panther’s Reign Slots Game.
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