Quickspin Offers Monster Bounty Coins In Their Latest Slot Game Artemis Vs. Medusa

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Quickspin Offers Monster Bounty Coins In Their Latest Slot Game Artemis Vs. Medusa

Quickspin Offers Monster Bounty Coins In Their Latest Slot Game Artemis Vs. Medusa

Quickspin has been turning out some high quality gaming content in recent years. That is why a new release in the works is always big news. Through the company website, the latest game is set to be released on Aug. 11, 2020.

What Kind Of Latest Slot Game Is Quickspin Planning On Releasing On Aug. 11, 2020?

The title of this new slot is also helping to attract attention. Artemis vs Medusa is a 5 Reel Slots. With entertainment the primary goal, this game offers medium volatility across 1024 ways to win. All the features and game mechanics are also geared towards creating an immersive feel. Player retention is expected to be high.

The other goal is creating a game that is noticeably different from existing titles. The ensuing battle between the two primary characters presents the central theme. The game has been designed for portrait mode to enhance the conflict.

By maximizing the use of the portrait mode, this will allow the epic struggle to play itself out. The game was heavily inspired by Ancient Greek mythology. It is also weaved around these legendary characters. By making the most of the imagery, it also makes the most of the gameplay experience.

The Greek goddess Artemis is paired with Harpy, Minotaur and Griffon. The three have been described as relentless monsters. The game’s epic battle is staged on Mount Olympus. This works to solidify the entire theme though graphics and audio soundtrack.

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Artemis vs Medusa also scores high marks for engaging features. There are:

  1. Unlimited Battle Free Spins
  2. Monster Bounty with Monster Bounty Coins
  3. A Winning Potential of 5288x The Stake

Daniel Lindberg is the founder of Quickspin. He also serves as the company’s CEO. He had this to say about his company’s latest release:

“Here we are. Eight months into the year of 2020 with yet another slot to add to our differentiated Quickspin Roadmap. Travis Grabau, the Producer behind this game and his creative team have really outdone themselves with this slot. With everything from the attention to detail, the meticulous artistic work and maintaining suspense making it exciting for the player. It is with great excitement we look forward to this release in August. And we hope that all our players and clients will enjoy this next creation.”

The ending quest ties Artemis directly to the game. In the end, players are left asking if she has what it takes to conquer the Gorgon Medusa.

Indeed, this adds some real suspense to the outcome. Medium value symbols can include a Monster Bounty Coin in the base game. Players landing a Artemis symbol with a golden frame on the last reel receive a payout for Monster Bounty Coins. Furthermore, this is related to the value of the Medium symbol from where that coin originated.

Players landing three Bonus Scatter symbols trigger Unlimited Battle Freespins. These will last as long as the battle between Artemis and Medusa continues. Once resolved, there are three possible scenarios. Monster types are removed and a bounty is awarded. Freespins end if she retreats or destroys the monster.

• Source: Artemis vs Medusa – Released August 11th From Quickspin.com On August 3, 2020.

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