Association Of Governors Warns U.S. AG Over RAWA

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Association Of Governors Warns U.S. AG Over RAWA

The U.S. association of governors (NGA) is talking tough on U.S. AG Mr. Jeff Sessions. Their reaction comes after Jeff’s recent remarks that he is going to act tough on American online gambling as well as the sale of online lottery tickets. NGA argues that if Jeff wants to retain stay in his new office, he should not speak as if individual states do not have laws that govern gambling.

How Does The Association Of Governors Warns U.S. AG Jeff Sessions Over RAWA?

In a letter addressed to Jeff of April 3, 2017, the NGA through their chair Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia, which was also signed by his co-chair, Brian Sandoval of Nevada, NGA warned that if Sessions intends to introduce a federal regulation that in the end will prohibit individual states to criminalize online gambling business, the association will by no means oppose it.

A Letter To The Governor

In part, the letter that the governors wrote AG said that it is the mandate of individual states to regulate how gaming is done in their respective territories.”…history has it that gaming regulations are left to individual states. We recognize that individual states might have divergent views on how gaming should be conducted in their states thus it is prudent that they give the liberty to decide what is good for their people,” the letter stated in part.

Respecting Federal Law?

The governors, however, make a note. Furthermore, there is a need to respect federal law. However, only when it is in line with the local gaming regulator. Furthermore, operators in various U.S. states are struggling with gaming regulations. Moreover, some of which make it difficult for investors to make real money online casino gambling sites a major way of creating revenue for their people. The letter also shows that governors are not showing discontent with the U.S government without reason. In fact, they say that mutual understanding between the two levels of governments is vital.

“We endeavor to have a strong and cooperative relationship in the way we do business with the federal government and any good business relationship is vital because it serves the best interests of individual citizens of our country,” the letter maintained.

Sessions’ Unclear Intent

Soon after becoming the U.S Attorney General, Sessions made his intent clear. After all, he goes on record to quickly. He says this shocks him.. Moreover, he elaborates about an error into the way Department of Justice handles 2011 online gambling regulation.

The Wire Act, which supports the UIGEA. However, Jeff Sessions see it differently. Furthermore, it shocks him that it requires a revisit. True to his words, he is not likely to stop at nothing until he does something about the Wire Act. However, NGA is watching Sessions’ every move.

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