Macau Casino Revenue Shoots Up In March Benefiting Stocks

asian casinos macau china

asian casinos macau china

Macau casino operators are the greatest beneficiaries of gaming investment. Just last month, gaming revenue hit $2.65 billion. This aggregate amount of revenue from all gaming facilities in Macau was 18% higher than the same month the previous year.

The increase is an indication that with the availability of a VIP sector in all licensed facilities, gaming companies are likely to make real money online casino gambling sites a major revenue collection for the Macau people.

Operators recorded the highest returns in a month most people believe is bad to do gambling business in Macau because there is no much activity when compared to April.

Nonetheless, gaming companies pulled more than $21.23 billion in March alone. The amount is $4.5 billion more from $17.98 billion the same gaming facilities recorded the year before.

The March 2017 rise in revenue collection in Macau is also a mark in the history of this territory. When operators recorded the rise in revenue, it actually enabled Macau to record an eighth-month in a row-recovery.

It should be remembered that for a long time, 26 months, the city performed terribly poor in the revenue collection, something that plunged the area into financial mayhem.

Following the stunning revenue collection performance by the gaming facilities, quite a number of casino stocks are slowly gaining entry in the city.

Although there have been a number of stocks investing in Macau, it is evident that now, they are more than willing to put ‘all’ their money and effort into this seemingly ripe goldmine.

Local but international gaming companies have started to record high values in their shares.

For instance, Melco Crown Entertainment announced on Monday that their shares were up by 2%. On their part, Wynn Resorts also had to raise their price per share by 1.25%. All these are indications that the gaming industry in Macau is not stopping at anything but to hit even higher projections as we approach Easter holidays for some of her visitors.

Incidentally, March’s performance is less compared to February when gaming facilities collected $3 billion.

Good Times Ahead

Market observers and financial analysts are optimistic that in the coming few days, things will be even better for gaming operators. They argue that as Macau approaches a warm season, there will be warm revenue for operators.

On their part, gaming investors in Macau are doing all they can to ensure they get the best of the warm weather that is approaching fast.

Some of the gaming facilities have been seen recently doing renovations and restructuring in readiness of the warm season when visitors are expected to check in big numbers.

Dave Schwab

Dave Schwab

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