Casinos Book Hipper Concerts To Attract Millennials

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Casinos Book Hipper Concerts To Attract Millennials

In what has been seen as a move that is aimed at attracting more millennials to check into gaming floors in the U.S., numerous gaming resorts are now inviting artistes who will perform concert acts.

They take not of those artistes that appeal to not only the young but millennials alike. Casino owners believe that this move will enable them make real money casino gambling sites huge benefits throughout the year.

Among those who have made a bold move that is aimed at luring the millennials is Iggy Azalea, an Australian singer and rapper. Iggy made the debut performance in Las Vegas’ The Cromwell starting off 2017 on a higher note.

Because of her performance, other gaming resorts across the U.S. have either started to invite young and energetic artistes, or are in the verge of making plans for them to do their concerts.

Perhaps, what various casinos executives are realizing is that it has come a time when they need to step up from the traditional jokers into inviting more serious performers who will create a huge impact in their resorts.

Now than any other time in history, gaming managers are inviting to their gaming resorts indie bands and individual artistes to ensure that they persuaded a group which could not in any way enter a casino.

Whether their move will hold any water is a matter of time.

For now, casino managers across the U.S. are fully convinced that it is the way to go in 2017 and in the future.

Although it just started in Las Vegas, regional gaming centers take the lead in booking burgeoning acts. Treasure Island, which is approximately 40 miles from Minneapolis, is contemplating on a different strategy to market their casinos by paying dividends.

In a recent statement to the press, Cindy Taube Taube, Treasure Island spokeswoman said that they had to reevaluate their strategy.

“We begun to relook into the benefit we are deriving from the music especially that which we bring in. Our tradition resonates with country or classic rock music. However, it is time we did something.”

Apart from Iggy, other top artistes that have recently performed in casino resorts across Treasure Island are Andy Grammer and Rachel Platten.

Millennials With Taste

Recent studies indicate that unlike in the past when gamers enjoyed playing slots, millennials want to control their gaming thus do not enjoy games that depend on either luck or mere chance.

Today, young adults opt and enjoy games that they can easily control the outcome. This is something slot machines can never give any gamer.

Modern games that enable players to use their gaming prowess, mental proficiency, and physical ability, skills that when combined with chance are more likable than traditional slot machines.

Because of that, Nevada and New Jersey states recently passed regulations that will soon see the introduction of skill-based gaming machines in various resorts in case they have not.

Caesars have already installed theirs in Atlantic City’s Harrah’s Casino.

Bad Concept

Although gaining popularity, not all people agree to the manner in which millennials are marketed.

Penn National Casino CEO in Pennsylvania says the concept is flawed.

“Merely focusing on a section of clients, the millennials, will not produce notable economic results,” Tim Wilmott said.

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