The Crack Cocaine of All Gambling May Be The UK, Not Las Vegas

Online Gambling Crack Cocaine

The Crack Cocaine of All Gambling May Be The UK, Not Las Vegas

The city of Birmingham in England has been branded ‘Crack Cocaine of All Gambling’, outwitting the manner in which gambling activities is carried in major cities of the world such as Las Vegas in U.S.A and Macau in China where gambling activities drive the economy.

In a recent study into how people gamble in Birmingham, it was revealed that players lost over 3 million dollars in one year.

For instance, Simon Perfitt, who is 60 years, used over $3,000 for gambling every day!

According to the same report, there were over 712 betting shops that are lined up along the Birmingham United Kingdom streets, made real money online casino gambling sites quite a fortune from innocent residents like Simon.

As 2016 came to the end, those who had checked in various gaming facilities as we can call them, but indeed they are just shops that are lined up along the streets lost over £31, 545, 125. This is a huge figure for any government. The money went to the pockets of a few individuals who have invested in fixed odds machines, which are used by operators to hunt down innocent but willing clients like Simon.

The presence of Fixed Odds Machines are also said to be the ideal source of online bookmakers for earning a fortune. With the help of modern sophisticated-yet elaborate software such as pay per head or price per head, which enable the operator to offer a variety of real time games, gaming investors are very rich.

Their actions and the availability of such fixed odds terminals have not been received well by a section of England lawmakers.

Politicians have raised their voices against the presence of FOBT but their cries are falling on deaf ears. It seems that they are unable to do anything to help their people.

On what seems to be self-defense, local and foreign bookmakers who have heavily invested in the FOBT have vowed to use whatever legitimate means to stay put. They argue that if the FOBT are removed, thousands even millions will have nothing to eat. In fact, they say, thousand who are now considered employed will lose their jobs.

According to a local daily, Birmingham Mail, the street has on previous occasion ranked number 5 of the worst areas where one is likely to lose whatever they have to gambling.

Simon, who has used a lot of money to gamble with nothing big to celebrate about, says that it is a bad thing to loss while you use your all.

“These fixed odds machines destroy you. I have been addicted with them since a friend introduced me some time ago. Since then, I cannot count on anything that I have gained. However, I know that I have lost nearly all my money,” Pratt said.


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