Del Lago Casino Gaming Resort Opens In New York

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Del Lago Gaming Resort Opens In New York

Del Lago Gaming Resort Opens In New York

Wednesday, 1 February 2017 was a big day for gaming fanatics in New York, following the opening of Del Lago Resort. The gaming complex opened its doors to the public at a time the U.S. is ruled by a man who knows a lot about gaming especially New York casino gambling.

According to Ithaca Journal, an online news website, a great crowd of people waited for long hours outside the venue just to witness the opening of the resort. In fact, the journals reports that others waited for more than 5 hours before they could see the cutting of the ribbon, which marked the opening of the casino.

Those who waited for long hours to witness the opening of the club had to contend with unfavorable temperatures in order to at least see the big day in Seneca County. Check out the article about the DFS, Poker, Online Gambling Bills Move In Florida, New Jersey, New Hampshire and NY.

Speaking of their patience, Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor said that for the long time he has been in NY and for the time he has been governor, he has never seen a people who are eager as those who he witnessed on early Wednesday.

“These people are extremely excited and very anxious. They would like to enter the club see for themselves and even play their favorite games. They should be allowed to come in,” Andrew said.

For now, this second gaming complex to be opened to the public in New York’s Upstate is the biggest. When people decided to stay for long to see the opening of the complex, they really had a reason to do so.

The club is well-furnished with an immense floor that will accommodate many people thus making real money casino wagering sites one of the biggest revenue collectors in NY.

During the opening ceremony, Andrew told the crowd how happy he felt about the operational of the second gaming complex in NY.

“Today, I’m happy that it was an intelligent decision to legalize the operation of this and other casino before it. This alone is an indicator that our economy is set for good results in the future. It is not the end, but a start. More good things are on the way for New York,” Andrew said.

More Than 3.2 Million People Expected

The new casino is expected to attract more than 3.2 million people every year. With a capacity which is double that of Tioga, that opened its doors to the public last year, Del Lago is set to collect more than what Tiago collected in slightly over a month.

The $440 million casino complex is expected to collect $263 million each year thus giving out approximately $68 million for the same period in terms of revenue.

Stiff Competition

Although during the construction Del Lago faced fierce opposition mainly from Oneida Nation and several anti-gambling groups, the facility has helped in the creation of 1,800 jobs!

However, most of her clients and visitors will also be drawn from neighboring clubs some of which are less than 100 miles away.

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