Florida’s Seminole Tribe Moves To Court To Shut Down 11 Casinos In Jacksonville

Florida's Seminole Tribe Moves To Court To Shut Down 11 Casinos In Jacksonville

Florida’s Seminole Tribe Moves To Court To Shut Down 11 EG Parlors In Jacksonville. The Seminole Tribe from Florida is moving to court to stop illegal gambling. The tribe says it will not wait further as authorities watch. It cannot watch Florida casino sector collapse. Also, the tribal group is moving is filing a case, to ensure their stance works. The aim is to challenge the state of not helping in guarding legal gambling. Seminole tribe through its leaders wants 11 Jacksonville internet cafes shut down. According to the group, these cafes are offering illegal gambling business.

See Why Florida’s Seminole Tribe Moves To Court To Shut Down 11 Casinos

The lawsuit says that 11 gambling cafes in Jacksonville are illegal. It means that the 15 owners are acting in contravention of the small deal. Above all, this lawsuit is now in the Duval County Judicial Circuit Court. The filing of this case takes place a week ago. Leaders of the tribal group say the devices breach a small deal. In fact, the lawsuit claims the devices are violating an exclusive deal. The compact agreement takes place between the sovereign nation and the Sunshine State. This deal took place seven years ago in 2010.

The agreement gives the Tribal group exclusive rights.

It is only the Tribal group that has the right of offering Class III gaming. This happens not in Jacksonville alone but also in the whole of Florida. Slot and video gaming machines fall into this category of games. The Tribal group contends that these cafes are breaching the compact. The group also maintains that the cafes are products of anti-gambling operations. According to a 2013 statute, machines cannot award money prizes beyond certain limits. In that document, no machine will pay beyond 75 cents.

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Florida's Seminole Tribe Moves To Court To Shut Down 11 Casinos In Jacksonville

The Machines Cannot Accept Credit Or Debit Cards

Additionally, the statute states that these machines cannot accept credit cards. The only way they can pay is by using tokens or quarters. The Seminole Tribal group lawyers include the 15 cafe operators in the lawsuit. In part, the trial blames the 15 operators in engaging in activities they know are wrong.

“These 15 engage in various forms of casino-style gambling. Patrons pay money in return for which they receive a chance to win. They make huge sums of money as prizes,” says the lawsuit in part.
Enforcement agencies continue to lay the ambush. They conduct regular raids. But these actions do not seem to help in any way. After the raids, many other illegal activities pop up. There are over one hundred internet cafes throughout Jacksonville. The challenge is to know which of them offers gambling machines.

How Does Florida’s Seminole Tribe Benefit?

The agreement is that the group is the only one to offer Class III games. In return, the group will give the state a percentage of the revenue.

So far, the Tribe has paid an excess of $1 billion worth of revenue to the state. Above all, this is the other complaint the Native American Indian Tribe is raising to the state.

“The Native American Indian Tribe is paying the State well more than $1 billion in revenue sharing deal. We are to get the sole right of offering exclusive casino gambling. We also continue to pay the State millions of dollars per month for such exclusivity. But the state is not honoring its part,” the complaint reads.

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