eSports Betting Is Coming To The MGM Grand On The Las Vegas Strip

eSports Betting Is Coming To MGM Grand On The Las Vegas Strip

Did You Know That eSports Betting Is Coming To The MGM Grand On The Las Vegas Strip? The Strip is getting hotter each day. Most noteworthy, this will be the situation starting the New Year. What are we talking about? This week, Unikrn, a small gaming startup from Seattle strikes a deal with MGM Resorts. The deal is to bring eSports betting to the Strip. The deal, which is now binding will be valid next year.

See How eSports Betting Is Coming To The MGM Grand On The Las Vegas Strip

What will the deal involve? The Seattle startup says what the deal is all about. According to the startup, the aim is to bring live video tournaments. If everything goes according to the plan, this will start in 2018. The startup will supply MGM Resorts with live video equipment. The first venue to host these live video sports is Las Vegas Strip.

The exact gaming facility is MGM Grand Hotel & Casino . Preliminary findings indicate that the deal is now done. Unikrn will offer live video tournaments in the facility. Of course, this will not take place each day. There are specific days you will need to visit the facility. What is more is that this tournament does not take place anywhere in the facility. According to organizers, the live video tournament has a particular room.

Play Live Video Games For Money In Sin City

In fact, it will take place from Level Up. Above all, this is the newest entertainment complex. It is right inside the MGM Grand Hotel. Rahul Sood, the group’s CEO says they will they will give players the reason to play. Among the live video games you expect are:

· Call Of Duty.
· Madden.
· Street Fighter.
· NBA 2K.

Players will get a chance to play video games on Friday and Saturday. These are good days to visit the facility. Once you check in MGM Grand, head straight to Level Up to get to enjoy all your esports betting. What do competitors expect? Well, there will be lots of fun. First, it is about this new level of playing sports. MGM Grand hotel is providing the platform to gamble on eSports. Unikrn promises to give punters branded live video games. Those who are lucky will walk away with lots of cash prizes. Besides, players will have a chance to have a feel of amenities inside MGM Grand. The second and perhaps unique thing is players chance to use UnikoinGold. What is this? Yes, many people ask. This is a new type of digital currency.

Is ESportsBetting A New Type Of Digital Currency?

This small startup that hails from Seattle develops UnikoinGold. As such, it gives punters a chance to use the digital currency. So, if you have the digital coin, visit the facility. You will enjoy as many games as you want.See how The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) say Loot-boxes’ are not real money gambling.
eSports Betting Is Coming To MGM Grand On The Las Vegas Strip
By striking a deal with MGM Grand Hotel, the startup is breaking the ground. But it is not stopping. Sood, the CEO, says that this is simply the start. “This is just the beginning for us on The Strip. We have some big plans going forward. We’re working with casinos to bring in eSports betting and gaming communities in the past. But this one outshines everything else. The Las Vegas Strip attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Unikrn will be hosting E-Sports tournaments in one of its traffic centers,” Sood says.

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