The US Military Identifies Northern Mariana Islands’ Casinos as a Threat

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The US Military Identifies Northern Mariana Islands’ Casinos as a Threat | Casino News

Do You Know Why Why The US Military Identifies Northern Mariana Islands’ Casinos as a Threat? Real money casinos may be a treat to anyone’s wallet or purse if they get carried away on the slot machines or gaming tables. According to a recent post on Focus Gaming News (, the United States Military has identified China’s real money casinos in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) as a threat to national security interests in this region.

Why Did The The US Military Identify Northern Mariana Islands’ Casinos as a Threat?

In a news report generated by the USA-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), these Chinese-owned gaming establishments have been labeled as “harmful” for the military exercises that are routinely conducted around this area of the Pacific Ocean.

The report was titled, “China’s Engagement in the Pacific Islands: Implications for the United States.” The main focus of its assessment was on the gambling venues on the CNMI islands of Saipan and Tinian. According to the document that was released and mentioned in this Focus Gaming News post, these gaming houses “could complicate US Department of Defense plans in the CNMI for extensive training and exercises resulting from relocation of Marines from Okinawa, Japan.”

The USCC report specifically mentions the Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel on Saipan, along with the mention of two proposed integrated resort projects on Tinian.

In a direct response to the USCC’s position on this matter, Alter City denied these claims. This is the Chinese company behind the proposed resort and casino project planned for Tinian. The company makes the argument that this report’s claims would actually “adversely impact the island of Tinian, its residents, and adjacent operators.”

A Very Hard Stance Against The US Military And Its Operations?

Alter City also took a very hard stance against the US Military and its operations in this realm of the world. It claims that military presence in the area of the CNMI islands has provided little or no benefit to the region’s residents. It goes on to describe issues that the islands face as dire and in need of economic stimulus. An exact quote from the company stated, “the burdens are significant and unsustainable.”

Where this whole situation goes from here remains to be seen. Each side in this matter has clearly stated their case, but any kind of meaningful and lasting solution appears to be a major sticking point given the actual parties involved in this dispute. How much clout the US Military can generate against companies that are part of China’s economic infrastructure has to be questioned.

The US Military Identifies Northern Mariana Islands’ Casinos as a Threat | Casino News

The existing real money casino on Saipan, Imperial Pacific Resort Hotel is part of Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited. This is a Chinese investment holdings company with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The property on Saipan is described as a combination of luxury integrated casinos, five-star luxury accommodations and a wide array of dining and entertainment facilities. Expansion of the property continues to cover over 140,000 square meters.

Other amenities mentioned on the Imperial Pacific website once this expansion plan is completed include over 20 different food and beverage outlets with Asian and Western dining, a beach club, pool lounge and nightclub. The hotel resort spans 14 floors with 340 luxury suites and 15 deluxe villas. The casino offers 350 slot machines and 240 gaming tables.

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