Crossing Casino Opening In Kansas Set For Early April After A Lawsuit Delay

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It is now a relief to the residents of Sunflower State after the announcement that Crossing Casino will be officially open to the public on April 8.

For a long time, there have been challenges as to when the gaming complex will be opened following numerous legal hurdles most of which happened even before the construction process began.

Before the current date was set, Crossing Kansas Casino was slated to be opened early by a month. However, all the necessary arrangements are now complete and gamblers will be happy to enjoy their favorite games after April 8.

One of the reasons why there was a delay in the opening was a case presented in court by Brandon Steven’s group.

Many people were wondering when the opening will take place and already, even before Crossing Casino has officially started to operate, more than 400 people have started working on the premises.

Pittsburg, Kansas, where the Crossing Casino is located will soon be the home of visitors who will check in the gaming resort thus making real money online casino gambling sites an industry that will benefit the region’s 20, 000 inhabitants.

Crossing Casino is strategically situated. Now that it is complete, the casino joins the league of other 3 casinos that are owned by the state.

However, there are also 5 other Indian gaming facilities that also bring a lot of revenue for the state.

Established in the state’s northwest portion, Crossing Casino has the potential to pull many gamblers from as far as Oklahoma and Missouri, which is an advantage to Kansas.

The War On Bidding

Government officials launched the bidding process two years ago in 2015. Three companies successfully made their pitches. Topeka investors won the bid beating Kansas Crossing.

It should be remembered that it is Topeka Investors who had won previous bids that ended up in them building the other two casinos that are owned by the state.

After the Topeka team won the bid, another team who felt that they had a right to win the bid, filed a case raising claims that they offered a project that had a better value thus the construction, which by then was underway, stalled bending a court ruling.

Even after the court ruling that Crossing Casino will be opened in a month’s time, Brandon Steven, who represents one of the groups that lost the bid to Topeka, still fights the ruling.

Steven, who is not new to such controversy, is rumored to be among the few individuals who are in the FBI’s list of those who should be investigated through the reason is not given/ He is, however, dedicated in his bid to appeal.

Rich Caesar

Rich Caesar

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