Atlantic City Council To Build A Microgrid As Casinos Set To Benefit

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Atlantic City Casino

Atlantic City Casino
Atlantic City Council this week voted in one accord when its members agreed to write the state asking whether or not it is necessary to prepare for crisis.

On their petition to the state, the ACC is looking into ways the beachfront town will remain illuminated even when there are crisis such as hurricanes, which when they occur, devastate the entire area.

Now that they have agreed to ask the state on the subject, the next step is to hand in the petition to the responsible office, which is the Public Utilities Board of New Jersey for consideration.

Their vote comes at a time many natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy and other have caused havoc in many parts of the world.

Once such tragedy strikes, it leaves many businesses and homes in total darkness for many days. Casinos are not exempted from the loss thus it will be difficult to make real money online casino gambling sites a reputable industry if nothing is done.

However, in this preliminary petition to the state, ACC would want the state to issue money and other necessary facilitation that may be needed during the feasibility study that will unearth the possibility of erecting the microgrid.

The Department of Energy in the U.S. rightly describes the microgrid as a secure source of power even in times of crisis.

In the description, the department says that usually a microgrid would supply sufficient power in an area it is erected without major disruption.

This is possible because batteries, generators and other renewable sources of energy such as solar panels are used to power microgrids. If you like this article take a look at Reinvestment Authority In Atlantic City Focuses On Gaming Complexes Over Urban Development.

In that simple explanation, it is reasonable that even when the rest of the place is affected by a natural or man-made disaster, the designated area with a microgrid will not be cut off completely in terms of power.

Jersey gaming developers will be happy that their business will not halt in case there is a crisis that excommunicates the beachfront town from other parts of the state.

If the request by the ACC goes through, then the beachside town will stand to benefit.

In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy devastated the area, more than 20, 000 of its residents were left in darkness. Besides, all gaming resorts in Atlantic City were forced to close for several weeks following the power outage that was caused by the hurricane.

This is what gaming developers and operators do not want to encounter in case a disaster like Hurricane Sandy visits them again.

Microgrid Is Of Importance

Natural disaster is not the sole reason why the beachside Jersey town needs a microgrid. Carl Icahn, the owner of Trump Plaza has been heard contemplating to demolish the building. Click here to read the article US President’s Name Removed From The Shuttered Trump Taj Mahal.

If the word about the demolishing goes through, it will mean that there will be a disconnection of the power grid to other parts of the city.

The building is central since cooling and heating pipes are laid on the building.

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