Professional Las Vegas Sports Gambler Gets Casino Ban After Interview

Las Vegas Sportsbooks Ban Notorious Sports Gambler

A Las Vegas sports gambler Robert ‘Big Rob’ Gorodetsky is getting media attention. He finds what he wants. The man, who claims to be a professional in gambling, takes on an interview. The interview takes place in USA Today sports desk. The discussion aims to discuss the future of sports gambling. The focus is in the biggest market in the USA. As many people know, that market is in Nevada.

The shocker is that after the interview, it is official that Big Rob is not welcome in Las Vegas. But not all casinos in Las Vegas say no. At the very least, two casinos say they don’t want him near their facilities. What seems to be the best opportunity for a gambler turns out to be a bad omen. After the interview, MGM rings USA Today. The purpose of then courtesy call is simple. The report from MGM, a renowned casino provider in Nevada, is straightforward. “We no longer offer sports betting services to Big Rob.”

See Why The Las Vegas Sportsbook Banned Big Rob

During the interview, Robert claims that he is running an online handicapping site. In this, he offers monthly packages to his clients. But his favorite picks are those clients that pay $500 per month. He also extends the subscription to three months. For those who are in the latter subscription, they pay $1, 000. Robert confirms that another operator suspends him too. He says that the operator is William Hill . According to Robert, William is a lifetime client. He doesn’t have him either.

Placed Over $27 million worth of bets for William in 2017

During the interview, Robert says that he is placing over $27 million worth of bets for William in 2017 alone. Robert claims that William offers live and mobile sports betting. The business works in more than 109 locations in the State of Nevada. In another follow-up interview, Robert confesses. He says that he no longer has ties with Las Vegas. It is a bit, but it is beyond him. “I’m cut off from Vegas. My life is now over, but there is nothing I can do about it,” Robert says.
Las Vegas Sportsbooks Ban Notorious Sports Gambler

How Does Las Vegas Dave Fit Into The Picture?

Robert’s gambling life is similar to those of Vegas Dave . The latter is on the list of a few affluent gamblers. They are high rollers. These guys place big money. They win lots of money. They drive big cars and seemingly stay lavish lives. Around them are several women. You can find big models around these ‘professional’ gamblers.

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Las Vegas sports gambler, Big Rob, Cannot Loan Money To Others To Place Bets At Nevada Casinos

The federal law catches up with Vegas Dave whose real name is Dave Oancea last year. Federal charges associate Vegas Dave with the use of fake social security numbers. He does this to evade paying taxes. During the interview, Robert mentions many high-profile players and athletes. Among those in Robert’s list of fame are England’s David Beckham and Damon Jones. Robert goes ahead to say that he loans Odell Beckham Jr. $10, 000 to play blackjack. Also, This is to happen in a Vegas casino. Both Damon and Beckham deny knowing or meeting with this Las Vegas sports gambler, Big Rob.

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