MGM Grand Casino Resort Review

MGM Grand Casino Resort Review

The MGM Grand Resort Casino in 3799 Boulevard South, Las Vegas is indeed a giant gaming facility.With an ideal location, just under 10 minutes from MIA, and close to the very end of the LVS in the South, MGM Grand Casino Resort is the; Entertainment City’ as many call it.

Perhaps there is one thing you need to know from this early beginning: MGM Grand Resort Casino is so far the biggest among Nevada casinossitting at some 3 million square feet. Although much goes on in and around the facility, priority has been given to gaming and entertainment.

MGM Grand Casino Resort Reviews

About The MGM Grand Casino Resort

In aggregate, the facility is home to anybody and everybody who is interested in being happy anytime of the day throughout the year.Hotel rooms that have rates, which start at $89, have been adequately worked on to give all clients the satisfaction any serious investor would be willing his customers to have.

MGM Grand Casino Resort is such enormous and magnificent that no person will provide an excuse of not locating the facility. Indeed, it is a ‘golden lion’ that sits at the heart of Las Vegas. Whatever area and region in the world you come from, you can find your ideal super-delicious meal thanks to some 16 high-end restaurants. Besides, there is a spacious food court where you can order ready meals.

Inside The MGM

This grand gaming facility is not just space. Inside MGM Grand Casino Resort, there’re sports and racebooks, three unique hotels that fit whatever entertainment style, 200 table games, and a whopping 3, 000 gaming machines. Because of its popularity among Nevada casinos, the gaming floor, the parking lot, hotel rooms and of course the restaurants are usually at full capacity 24/7. It doesn’t, however, mean that you cannot find your ideal space for parking your car, book a room or even find a place to play your favorite game from.

Do you want to find ample time enjoying in the casino? Well, statistics show that during the early hours of each day, you will find a relatively big space for you and your friends. This duration is the time it is thought to be less crowded.

Gaming Facts

  1.  Gaming machines- 3, 000.
  2.  Table games – 200.
  3.  Poker tables – over 15.
  4.  Minimum amount per bet – $0.01.
  5. Maximum number of bet – $1, 000.
  6.  Casino space – 170, 000 square feet.
  7. Conference rooms’ space – 602, 000 square feet.

Apart from the gaming and convention space that is offered by MGM Grand Resort in Vegas, there are several amenities from which you’ll get the necessary services. They include Shadow Creek golf pitch, Whiskey Down, Outdoor Ultra Pool, Health Club & Spa, Theater, and MGM shops among others. You can grab your meal from any of the following MGM Grand Resorts’ restaurants at any time of the day and night:

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