Genting May Be Inches Closer To Building A Marina With A Casino In Miami

Is Miami Ready For A New Casino? Florida Gambling News

Is Miami Ready For A New Casino? Genting is hoping to expand Miami casino industry for many years. But it seems that hopes are resulting in something else. After so many years of struggling with authorities, Genting may build a marina. It is evident that this is not what the casino giant wants. In fact, Genting wants to expand gambling business here in Miami. But that is not an option for now.

The city commission of Miami is approving the transfer of a parcel of land. In a way, the city says that it has no problem in transferring property. It doesn’t pass the gaming giant to construct a casino. Instead, there is the likelihood that the casino giant will develop a marina. This parcel of land is ideal for boats. By now, Genting owns a piece of land that stretches to the waters. This parcel of land is under the casino giant’s subsidiary Resorts World Miami LLC. Click here to see a list of the current Florida casinos.

Will The Miami Casino Be Resorts World?

This waterfront property is a one time home to Miami Herald Offices. With these latest developments, it means that now it is up to the city commission and the developer to agree. In the coming weeks, the two parties need to accept on how to lease land that is below the ocean. If the parties agree, then Genting will move towards building the marina. The marina project is coming in to replace a casino. For some time now, there are ongoing talks to find out who owns the land.

Will The Causeway Join Watson Island And South Beach?

Remember that for a long time, the land belongs to FDOT. The Florida Department of Transportation claims ownership. And for a long time, this is what many people know. FDOT wants to build a causeway on this piece of land. If complete, the causeway will join the Beach of Miami and Watson Island. But before the city leases the parcel to the casino giant, it needs to be sure. Among the things, the needs are to have the parcel from the state. Also, this is what the city finally does.

A New Memo Says The Project Is Possible

The memo that has details of the land transfer is clear. The memo says that this is now possible. When citing reasons, the note points out that the causeways are now complete. In part, the notice states that the lease can no go on. “…FDOT determines that the property is no longer necessary. They don’t need the land for the maintenance of the MacArthur Causeway. They agree to convey the property to the city,” the memo reads.

Is Miami Ready For A New Casino? Florida Gambling News

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There Is An Ambitious History For Developing A Miami Casino

For a long time, Genting is eager to develop casinos in Florida. Most noteworthy, this can go back to 2011. During this time, Getting purchases a piece of land in Miami. The gaming company buys the piece of land at the cost of $236 million. The parcel is a former venue of Miami Herald. During the time of purchasing the plot, Genting has big dreams. The gaming company wants to build a casino. The name of the casino is Resorts World Miami. It costs the gaming giant a whopping $3 billion. Genting’s dream to expand Miami casino industry doesn’t go through.

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