Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy is a poker variation table game played at internet casinos by use of cryptologic and real time gaming software. The rules of the online casino game are the same to the three card poker.

Gin Rummy was once as poker is. There are famous gamblers like Stu Ungar who are very well known for talent in the two games.

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Despite the increase in poker popularity, there are still a few who love the old game such as Vegas Three Card Rummy. Rules of this game are somewhere between the classic card table game and 3 card poker Both games offer interesting gameplay with good odds to the players.

This game is played using a 52 card deck. Each card in the deck has a point value; ace is worth 1, all numbered cards are worth their number, face cards are worth ten.

The player aims to get a lower point than the dealer.
At the start of every hand, the player makes an ante bet with the option to create a bonus side bet. Both the payer and the dealer get dealt a hand of three cards. The dealers’ cards are placed facedown while the players’ is face up.

How to Pay Vegas Three Card Rummy

To figure out the score of a hand, the player adds up the point value of the three cards they have. There are other ways by which you can reduce a hand’s total. Any sets or three of a kind has zero points, and so does runs not less than two consecutive cards of a similar suit.

A hand of ace, jack counts as one point; this is because the pair of jacks is worth zero and ace are worth a single point. A hand of three-of-a-kind or three cards straight flush is worth zero points

A player can then choose to raise or fold. In case they raise, they get to make a second bet equal to the ante. If they fold, they forfeit their ante bet and immediately ends the hand.
Vegas 3 Card Rummy
When the player decides to raise, a comparison makes between their hand and the dealers’. The dealer should have a hand of 20 points or less to qualify. If they do not qualify then the player will immediately win even the money on the ante bet while the raised bet pushes.

If the dealer qualifies, the player wins more money on the ante bet but only if he has a lower total. A raised bet also wins against a qualifying dealer hand and pays different odds, and this depends on the strength of the hand.
Here is a standard raise pay table:
• Zero points pays 4-1.
• One to five points pays 2-1.
• 6 points or more pays 1-1.

A player who makes a bonus bet pays out if the hand is 12 points or less. The payouts are:

• Suited ace-two-three pays 100-1.
• Zero points pays 25-1.
• 1 to six points pays 2-1.
• 7 to 10 points pays 1-1.
• 11 to 12 points pays 4-1.

Basic Vegas Three Card Rummy Strategy

The Vegas Three Card Rummy strategy is straightforward. To get the best results, you should follow the dealers lead. Raise a hand worth 20 points or less and fold 21 points or more. This surely is a table game worth playing.

Vegas Three Card Rummy is a fascinating table game, and you can start playing today.Top

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Vegas 3 Card Rummy
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