Slot Machine Cheats | Discover How Casino Cheaters Beat The Slots

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Discover How Casino Cheats Have Beat The Slots

Slot machine cheats, hacks and tricks have been around since Charles Fey invented the first Liberty Bell. However, these deceptive tactics were not spoken about unless someone was on the news because they got caught stealing. There are too many people looking to beat the slots using illegal means. We do not condone this behavior and we encourage everybody to follow the law/laws, rules and regulations. When 2017 rolls around, people that gamble their money start talking about this topic. Also, it appears that there was a group of engineers from Russia that got caught using high-tech road to ill-gotten gains. Obviously, you don’t have to know how a slot machine works to implement these big winning tricks. Also, you can discover the history of cheating slot machines in this article right here.

Electronic Slot Machine Cheats

Folks often want to know if there are any tricks that can help them cheat at slot machines and get an instant jackpot. There is a thrill in hitting the buttons and inserting coins in a sequence using a cheat slot machine bill acceptor.

Is it possible to use a cheat code in physical or online slots? Can slot players overcome the randomness of slots?

This article is about methods and tools that people have used in the past to hack and manipulate slot machines. However, we want to remind our readers that cheating is NEVER allowed. This content is for entertainment purposes only. Do not try any of these electronic slot machine cheats. Also, beware of the folks with the georgia skill slot machine cheats.

These illegal measures were much more complicated then the old-school tricks of putting a coin through a string and pulling it back and forth. After the people that steal did that, they would trip the coin-counting mechanism resulting in making a profit from stealing. Furthermore, these Russians developed their own algorithms. However, live casinos and casino resorts know the source code of these algorithms. Obviously, the software developers make their own pseudo-random number generator programming. As a result, they can stop hackers. If you are looking for cheat codes for slot machines 2020 or cheat codes for slot machines 2021 has your back.

An Actual Slot Cheat Code

Back in the 1990s, the Nevada Gaming Control Board hires Ronald D. Harris to verify the software used by slots for any potential flaws. Ronald is indeed responsible for going through slots in casinos in Las Vegas and looking for an opening that cheaters can exploit. His position allows him to know the code that controls how the slot machines work, and he can find ways to manipulate it to his advantage.

Ronald knows how to use a “cheat code” on a slot machine. 1 of the most common ways to do this is by inserting coins in a certain sequence.

  1. dropping 3 coins,
  2. 2 coins,
  3. 2 coins,
  4. 1 coin,
  5. 3 coins, and
  6. 5 coins in sequential order.


He earns $48,000 a year, but his cheat codes for slots can guarantee him a large payout for each game. This makes his salary seem small in comparison.

They made a simple plan to make money from the slots. Reid would play the slots and win a little bit of money each night. But they didn’t make as much money as they thought they would.

The two people who won $100,000 from a keno machine in Bally’s Park Place Hotel, Atlantic City became greedy and decided to gamble their winnings.Reid caught the attention of the casino managers, which led to the police being called. When they arrived, they saw Ronald’s rigging equipment and arrested him.

Ronald and Reid were charged with trying to cheat and computer fraud. If Reid testifies against Ronald, his charges will be dropped.

Nevada Gaming Control Board

Ronald’s greed caused the Nevada Gaming Control Board to take a stricter hiring policy for their software checker. They now require staff to double-check other’s reports. This makes it very difficult to make electronic slot cheats work without being caught. Ultimately, this was done on the casino floor for modern slot machines and is different than trying to “hack slot machines” by a computer chip replacement.

Alternatives To Hacking Slots

Ronald Harris was not the only person to find tricks for slots in casinos. Here are some of the methods criminals have used over the last few decades to cheat at slots.


One way to cheat a vintage slot machine is by using a magnet. Cheaters can use the magnet’s magnetic force to manipulate the reels so that the high-paying reels land on the payline.This trick was possible because the reels on classic slots were magnetic. Cheaters need to hold the magnet in a way that they can target the reels without drawing attention to themselves.

It is important to note that magnets will not work on any physical slots you will find on almost all casinos. Magnets will not make the reel stop on the position you want it to. However, there are many other slot machine cheating devices

Shaved Coin

Cheating slot machines can involve manipulating the algorithm or reels of the game, but another way to cheat them is to trick the coin sensor.Shaved coins can help a cheater to get free spins from a slot machine. Criminals can do this by making it look like they dropped a coin, when they actually shaved it down so it would be thinner than normal.

Slot manufacturers are aware of how fake currency can take advantage of a machine. To alleviate this, they use modern light sensors to scan both surfaces of a coin. New light sensors can prevent people from cheating by using a fake coin.

Light Wand

A light wand is a device used to cheat slot machines. It was invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. The wand fools the machine into thinking that a coin has been inserted, when really it has not.Some people cheat at slot machines by using a light to confuse the machine into thinking that a coin has been inserted. This makes the machine give out all of its money, even if it usually would not payout that much.

To combat this device, slot machines no longer dispense coins. Instead, they dispense tickets which contain the player’s winnings. These tickets can only be turned into money through a cashier. Even though paper bills and coins are no longer accepted by modern slots, they will still take them.

Piano Wire

Back in 1982, a group of people hatched a plan to steal money from a slot machine in Caesars Boardwalk Regency Casino, Atlantic City. One of the members opened a mechanical slot machine and inserted a long piano wire which would trip the mechanism and release the cash. With a rigged machine, other members of the group will play the targeted slot and pull on the wire to manipulate the reels.

The group was successful in rigging the slot machine until security caught them and they were forced to give back the money they won. Before one of the people who won a lot of money from the rigged slot machines could leave the casino, security arrested him.

Bill Validator Device

Apart from trick coins, one of the electronic slot machine cheats is a bill validator device. This device has two elements attached to small bills, like a $1 or $20 bill. When a small bill is put into the slot machine, the machine mistakes it for a $100 note. Criminals can also use this trick to launder counterfeits with the slot machine or any casino game.

Casinos have started using new bill acceptors on their machines. This will help to stop people from cheating the system by putting fake bills into the machines. The new machines can also call security if they see someone trying to cheat.

Computer Chip Replacement

Dennis Nikrasch is an infamous slot machine hacker. He figured out how to hack a slot machine by taking it apart and finding a microchip responsible for when players get the jackpot prize.

He has been a locksmith for eight years and knows how to open slot machines. He also knows how to rig the chipboard so that he can win more money.Dennis and his team managed to steal $3.7 million in just one night. However, one of Dennis’ team members was angry at the small share they received, so they turned Dennis in to the authorities.

Stringed Coin Trick

One way to cheat slot machines that accept coins is by using a stringed coin. When the coin goes past the optic sensor, it will send a signal to the machine saying that money was inserted. But if the cheater pulls back the coin quickly, they can do it again on the casino floor.

Unfortunately for hackers, the stringed coin trick does not work with modern slot machines. These mechanical slot machines have security measures to prevent people from taking back their money once it is accepted.


Cheating Is Illegal And Is Against The Casinos Rules

Most people come to our site that has questions like “How to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone?”, and “How to cheat a slot machine with a magnet?” If you are looking for slot machine tricks cheats, we do not advise you do anything illegal or against the online casino sites/apps rules. If you use skill, practice and become a sharp gambler, you can make a lot of cash. There are plenty of people like that discuss “slots cheats” like tommy glenn carmichael and Brian Christopher. These guys make a living of making videos. They show gamblers how to cheat the wheel of fortune in Las Vegas with no regard to the gaming commission.if you want to learn how to cheat new slot machines, keep reading.

Brian Christopher Makes Videos That Show How To Cheat Slot Machines

Anyone can go to google and type in “betting 4,000 on 2 high limit slot machines fruit machine pokies w brian christopher bcslots daily” or “christopher duration 17 15”. There will be tons of results on google and youtube videos. If you go to twitter or instagram, you can find these secrets using hastags like #BrianChristopherSlots #SlotMachines and #BCSlots. Also, you can take a look at the video below

How to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone?

Can you really gain an advantage on a device using a Smartphone or tablet? First of all, you should not be hacking anything. To be upfront with readers, we are against illegal casino hacking. At, we get requests for certain material and want to make our readers and casino players happy.

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The History of Cheating Casino Slot Machines

Black Hat Hacking Is Illegal And So Is White Hat Hacks

If you have ever watched a movie or television show, you may have heard that terms black hat or white hat. These terms may describe hackers and sometimes even refer to search engine optimization or marketing (SEO/SEM). Often folks refer to blackhat hacking as illegal and whitehat hacks as legal. However, we don’t believe trying to hack anything is legal.

Someone who wants to hack a cell phone for the purpose of making money is doing something illegal. However, not many people successfully discover a mobile slot machine hack. There are not many choices but most of these hacks are black hat. If you come across any of this material, it’s best not to use it and keep it to yourself. Moreover, there are tons of people that have gotten banned from a casino resort and somethings worse.

Be Careful If You Download Software To Your Mobile Device or Computer

When talking about a cell phone, we have heard of people using keygens or key generators to get cheat codes. These codes are used for free mobile casino apps like Billionaire Casino. As a result, people may be able to obtain free virtual coins and chips without paying for them.

Discover cheat codes for slot machines

If you discover these codes, you should not use them. Even if you are not the person using a keygen or key generator to hack free games and online slot machines using a mobile device, you should stay away from it. If you read the terms and conditions when you sign up for a free mobile app like Billionaires casino, you will find out that using these cheat codes and other tricks are against the rules. Remember, casinos pay big bucks to detect deceivers, hoaxers, double-crossers, fraudsters, and tricksters.

How to cheat a slot machine with a magnet?

So, is it really possible to hack a device using a magnet? When many people read about online slot machine cheats or online slot machine cheaters, they tend to think that these involve people or persons who in one way or another have figured out tricks and tactics that help them to maneuver through the game probably through cunning ways.

Casino Cheaters Learn Slot Machine Secrets Winning Tips

While the name might suggest so, there is no way one can say that with certainty. In fact, there is no any single truth in that. However, there is something when you critically look at; you might say that you weren’t far from the truth. Online slot machine cheats involve the use of modern devices for one to get payouts when indeed it is not supposed to be so.

In most cases, these devices have been branded with extremely colorful names. To prove that, some of the names that are used to refer to these devices are ‘the monkey’s paw,’ ‘light wand’ and many other beautiful names to disguise the users.

Learn How To Cheat A Slot Machine With A Cell Phone

Both names might sound familiar to many online gamblers. For instance, when you mention of the light wander, you might think of what many people love to watch in the Star Wars movie and the name the ‘Monkey’s Paws’ evokes the literal connotations to all that are participating in the game.

It is good to remember that when naming these devices, it is not any name that is randomly chosen as if someone was giving names to flowers in the garden. They should be carefully selected and seemingly have a bearing on what is in the entertainment and gaming industry.

For instance, the name Monkey’s paw is derived entirely from a short story that is well known by many people in the Northern Hemisphere. The story was done by W.W. Jacobs.

The story talks of a dead monkey’s paw that gives its owner wishes that are never fulfilled in the end. After all, who can never imagine that a hand belonging to a dead monkey will ever give anything to the owner when indeed the owner is already deceased? For those who are already familiar with the shorts story know that the plot ends badly!
Slot Machine Cheats | Discover How Casino Cheats Have Beat The Slots
It is funny but a reality that there are some that have turned online slots machine cheats into a profitable career. Do not be surprised to know that some guys have made millions even billions of dollars as online slot machine cheaters. One such guy is Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a man now in his late 60s whose better days as a young and vibrant man was used in slot machine cheating.

Is there a game that is impossible to cheat at?

In fact, he doesn’t regret just as other former conmen in the gambling business. Today, Glenn runs a consultancy firm, which helps to establish gambling facilities stabilize.

You will realize that most of these businesses Glenn is offering consultancy services are the same facilities that he swindled money. Glenn did the slot machine cheats business for over 20 years, making good money that has now helped him establish his consultancy firm! To many people of like mind, that is a profitable business.

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