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How Wild Symbols In Online Slots Work


Have you heard of wild symbols in online slot machines? Think of this unfortunate situation: you have been playing online slots since morning from a cyber café, and now it is almost the right time to go home. But before hitting your last spin, it happens that you spot lemon-lemon-lemon-lemon- and then cherry. What! How will you feel?

It is a sad situation indeed. It could be better if that last fruit was a lemon thus the jubilation. Nonetheless, that is where we want to base our argument from. When playing online games, it is important to understand what all symbols stand for. In fact, it is a good thing to know what symbols matter a lot more to a player.

The Wild symbols online slot machine feature are very important. But it is only until you understand their importance that you will learn to appreciate them. What do they do? Are they able to salvage you from an awkward situation? Let us delve into those issues.

How Wild Symbols In Online Slots Work

If there are symbols that should be of great interest to a slots player are wild symbols in online slots. But you may rightly ask, why put a lot of emphasis to certain symbols than others? In essence, the main reason is that it is possible to consider individual symbols more important than others because of what they do.

Yes, that is the main reason. For instance, did you know that wild symbols in online slots transform themselves as if they are under the influence of magic when they can be whatever you need whenever you need them? It is true. Wild symbols in online slots can be that character you need at that time to complete the winning combo thus becoming a winner when it almost appeared that you would lose.

Types Of Wilds

· Stacked wilds.
· Expanding wilds.
· Shifting wilds.
· Sticky wilds.

That is what would have happened in the example at the opening paragraph if the cheery was a wild symbol, it would only turn from being a cherry to a lemon thus you become a jubilant winner.Wild Symbols in Online Slots
The other example you can think of is in the Mega Moolah, where the lion is a wild symbol. In that case, in a pay line that has giraffe-lion-giraffe, the lion in this online slot machine actually counts as a giraffe, thus, in essence, you no longer have two but 3 giraffes thus the required winning combination, which leads to a payout.

You can think of any other example and whatever number that will be needed, but one thing is for sure, that wild symbols in online slots can be the very character that you lack to become a jackpot winner.

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How Wild Symbols in Online Slots Look Like

There is no definite shape or form of wild symbols in online slots. They take many different forms. Here are a few examples of how wild symbols in online slots look like:

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