Sic Bo Online

When some people are asked that question, they think the answer is a simple yes or no. But when you ask gaming experts the same question, the answer would be long that you would not want to wait for its conclusion. But what is Sic Bo? Do people still play Sic Bo online? Can you make real money Sic Bo online? Is it still relevant to play Sic Bo online for real money? The answer to all of these questions is yes!

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What Sic Bo Is

This is a game that is characterized by three dice similar to craps. In fact, there is no big difference between this casino game and others such as Chuck-a-Luck or even Craps. However, that does not mean that the games are the same. In fact, the small discrepancy between these games makes Sic Bo online totally different from all these other games.

When trying to grab the concept of how to play Sic Bo online, it might take an average yet ardent online games fan a couple of minutes to read through the rules. It is during this time that the player needs to see for themselves the layout, various terms, and conditions of playing the game and most importantly when one is eligible of winning what amount. But even before we look at the finer details of Sic Bo, it is a good thing to know that this game was developed with the concept of ancient Chinese dice in mind.

How To Play The Sic Bo Dice Game Online

Since we’ve already that the game is almost similar to craps or chuck-a-luck games, you can put their concept of playing those games at the back of your mind. However, there are a few adjustments that evidently make this game unique. Whether it is played from an online website that offers legitimate games or played from a land-based casino made of brick and mortar, Sic Bo is played on a special table with three dice.

From the games table layout, you will find out that there are many betting options. It is from these betting options that you are supposed to decide on what to place your bet on. That is a basic requirement.

After you’ve made your bet, the dice are taken poured into a plastic and clear cylinder. Afterward, they are given a very firm and fair shake to ensure that they mix evenly and that the final selection is extremely fair. It is after the firm shake and the selection that the winners are finally found. At this point, several parts of the table are labeled ‘WINNERS’. If you happen to have been lucky, the winner, in this case, you are awarded your prize that matches with the odds on the pay table.
Sic Bo Online
There are however many things one need to know about sic Bo online than just how to play, something as we mentioned an average reader can grab within minutes. Such things include odd and even bets, where one wins an odd bet when the dice results emanate from odd numbers and even numbers respectively. The other thing is knowing when to receive small or big bets. This is a very important part especially when playing real money Sic Bo online.

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