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NHL Sharks Star Gambles Against Team Oldest Nevada Casino Masks are Back in Vegas Crypto Update

NHL Sharks Star Gambles Against Team Oldest Nevada Casino Masks are Back in Vegas Crypto Update

A casino in Nevada hit a big landmark last week. On Sunday, Railroad Pass celebrated its 90th birthday, making it the oldest casino in the state of Nevada. As it enters the 10th decade of operation, the casino is more vital than ever.

This Casino In Nevada Just Had Its 90th Birthday

The current owner, Joe DeSimone, is determined to preserve the historic value of the property, but also to secure a bright future. Since purchasing the casino in 2015, he invested millions in expanding the offer and modernizing the facilities. The latest addition is already in the works. A new $15 million hotel tower broke ground last month. The expansion will operate under the Holiday Inn brand and feature an additional 120 hotel rooms, a new pool, gym, and laundromat.

Did NHL Star Evander Kane Lose Games To Make A Profit From Gambling

An Instagram story sends shockwaves throughout the NHL. On Saturday, Anna Kane, wife of the Sharks’ star Evander Kane accused the player of being a gambling addict and, more importantly, tanking games to win money with the bookies. In her Instagram rant, she also labeled Evander as a bad husband and a father.

Evander Kane strongly denied all allegations. He claims to have never bet on hockey or deliberately thrown games. Furthermore, he noted that his wife’s accusations are made up as she attempts to undermine the ongoing divorce process. However, Kane does have a history of gambling problems and was recently sued over $500,000 of unpaid gambling debt.

The NHL stated that they’re aware of the issue and will conduct a full investigation.

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The COVID-19 Delta Variant Forces The Las Vegas Casino Floors To Mandate Masks


Las Vegas visitors will again have to wear masks. Last Friday, the state of Nevada has reintroduced the mask mandate for all public indoor settings. The directive comes in accordance with the latest CDC guidelines and applies to everyone, vaccinated or not.

The mandate comes in light of the surge of coronavirus cases in the state of Nevada and the whole country. Currently, the state has more than 800 new daily cases and 12 out of 17 counties are considered to be at high or substantial risk of coronavirus transmission. The local casinos and other indoor establishments have already put up signage requiring all visitors and employees to wear masks. Businesses violating the mandate will face citations and other enforcement actions.



Panic Spreads As The Cryptocurrency Market Heads Toward A $1.7 Trillion Price

Crypto investors are getting nervous, despite the recent Bitcoin surge. On Saturday, Bitcoin has reached $43,000, its biggest value since mid-May. The overall crypto market has increased by $250 billion over the last week and the current value is close to $1.7 trillion.

Still, the proposed $500 billion infrastructure bill could cause issues for crypto traders. The main problem is the vague definition of a broker in the proposal. The taxation may even include software and hardware providers. The bill further proposes reporting of all broker-to-broker transactions which may kill the crypto industry as we know it.

However, the bill is not final and there’s still hope that it could be changed. For now, the bill has passed only a preliminary Senate vote.

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